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Infant Sorrow – Get Him To The Greek

Infant Sorrow, Get Him To The Greek

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

INFANT Sorrow is a rock band fronted by cockney rocker Aldous Snow, the headline act of producer Judd Apatow’s latest comedy outing, Get Him To The Greek. Or, to cut a long intro short, it’s Russell Brand.

But while the thought of a “Best Of” compilation of tracks you don’t know from a band you’ve never heard of, fronted by a comedian, may sound like a waste of time, there’s actually tremendous fun to be had… whether you’ve indulged in the movie’s puerile delights or not.

Brand and co pay musical homage to the best, whether it’s the punk rock swagger of The Clash, the glam-rock of T-Rex or the Madchester bad boy revelry of early Oasis. And they’ve enlisted the likes of Carl Barat, Jarvis Cocker and Jason Segel to help them out.

Hence, the songs on Get Him To The Greek exist to be as outrageous, vulgar and fun as their leading man. They are profanity laden, not to play your mother rock classics that do actually rock and amuse.

Brand displays a decent set of vocals, the guitar work compares favourably to the bands that Infant Sorrow are trying to imitate and the lyrics will probably have you in stitches.

Highlights include the Carl Barat penned Gang of Lust, which finds Brand (or Snow) in full rock ‘n’ roll swagger, backed by a killer central riff, and calling people to “let’s get fucked up on the town”. It’s totally in keeping with the movie’s hedonistic tones.

In contrast, there’s a deliciously trippy slice of Oasis-inspired psychedelia on Furry Walls, a movie highlight that works surprisingly well in its own right.
While there’s a piano backed, sexual innuendo laden gem in Bangers, Beans & Mash, which taps into a more sensitive side to Brand’s vocals. He copes extremely well.

Worth checking out, too, are the rousing foot-stomper The Clap (featured in a funny Times Square segment of the film), the Jarvis Cocker penned Just Say Yes (an anthemic offering if ever there was one), the Jarvis-Chilly Gonzales penned ‘ballad’ F.O.H (that’s fucking on heroin!), and the hands in the air plea for sex that is Yeah Yeah Oi Oi, a rock-pop blast of infectious fun.

Admittedly, the world music offering African Child (Trapped In Me) is as bad as it’s supposed to be (but darn funny, especially when seen in context with the movie and its video), while Brand’s rapping is deliberately all over the place in the Rose Byrne disco-pop offering Supertight. But that’s kind of the point.

This is a soundtrack that hits most of the targets it aims for, including Lady Gaga with the Rose Byrne/Jackie Q offering Ring Round.

It’s not to be played in front of the kids, of course, or the easily offended… but as provocative rock tie-ins go, this is a proper guilty pleasure that is both a fun novelty tie-in and a pretty decent rock ‘n’ roll offering in its own right.

Download picks: Just Say Yes, Gang of Lust, Furry Walls, Bangers, Beans & Mash, The Clap, Yeah Yeah Oi Oi, Little Bird

Track listing:

  1. Just Say Yes
  2. Gang of Lust
  3. Furry Walls
  4. Going Up
  5. Bangers, Beans & Mash
  6. The Clap
  7. I Am Jesus
  8. Riding Daphne
  9. FOH
  10. Yeah Yeah Oi Oi
  11. African Child (Trapped In Me)
  12. Little Bird
  13. Searching For A Father
  14. Supertight
  15. Ring Round