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Infrasound - Out of Order

Infrasound, Out of Order

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

FANS of Kasabian, The Futureheads and Maximo Park may be aware of Infrasound without realising it, given that the band supported all three of those acts during their recent tours.

The band is fronted by John Walker and is a five-piece that specialises in aggressive indie-rock packed with northern honesty and commercial swagger. Debut album, Out of Order is therefore a fiery affair, drenched in stark guitar riffs, crashing drums and angry vocals that go for the throat from the outset.

Former single Final Warning sets things off in suitably energetic fashion, sounding like a statement of intent for what’s to come. And sure enough the rest of the album follows in similarly breakneck fashion, featuring a heady mix of anthemic vocals and distorted guitars that are prone to comparisons with everyone from Kasabian to the 80s style of The Cult and Killing Joke.

Tracks like Deerhunter, another former single, crackle with energy and lyrics that include ‘I want to be electricity’, while refusing to take their foot off the amp for even a moment.
While Demons begins amid a calvacade of guitars and crashing drums, before giving way to Walker’s menacing vocals (‘give up your guns’) and an echo-laden chorus that is undeniably powerful.

In live form, you can really imagine that Infrasound will blow you away but there is a tendency for their music to sound the same, with one powerhouse guitar anthem drifting into another. So while certainly gutsy, they could have done with mixing things up a little more.

Album highlight, Still Life shows what they can do when toning things down a notch, emerging as a genuinely surprising track that is built around a haunting vocal style and more distorted but melodic guitar riffs. There’s even a touch of electronica that makes a welcome addition.

But the meaty guitars are back in full force during Headlights and Dusty Road – the latter of which is a raw, ragged rock ‘n’ roll workout that recalls the unbridled energy of early Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Final track, Fossils ends things on an impressive note, courtesy of its low-key, slow-building style that brings out the very best in Walker’s vocals and Joel Dowson’s brooding guitars.
So while not a complete success, Out Of Order is not as broken down as its title suggests and displays plenty of promise for the future for this Leeds-based band.

Track listing:

  1. Final Warning
  2. Ceasefire
  3. Keep ‘em Talkin’
  4. Deerhunter
  5. Demons
  6. Still Life
  7. Headlights
  8. Dusty Radio
  9. Animal Man
  10. Walk On Water
  11. Fossils