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Ironik recruits 90210's Jessica Lowndes for Falling in Love

DJ Ironik and 90210 Star Jessica Lowndes

Story by Jack Foley

AFTER two top 5 singles and a top three hit album, London producer and MC Ironik returns with his new single, Falling In Love, on October 24, 2010, just in time to heat up the winter airwaves across Europe.

Featuring gorgeous star Jessica Lowndes, of hit teen drama 90210, Falling In Love is a modern love song set to suave beats and sublime strings. Written and produced entirely by Ironik the single is the first release from his second album, due early 2011.

Making her music debut on Falling In Love, Jessica Lowndes was a surprise addition to the track.

Ironik explains: “I was recording in New York and by chance, Jessica was over from LA and in the studio upstairs recording her album. When she was suggested to me, I had reservations.

“I didn’t want a celebrity just for the sake of it but on meeting her I found she is incredibly cool and a proper talented singer, not to mention beautiful.”

For his second album, a confident Ironik has spent the last 12 months recording in New York, LA and London.

He then signed a new, independent recording deal, this time with new label BPM Entertainment, founded by former SonyBMG Music Worldwide COO, Tim Bowen and Record Producer and former Warner’s A&R director Mike Peden.

The new album is, hence, being billed as more than a step on, but a completely new start.

The samples that dominated the MC’s debut have gone. The sound is bigger and bolder and while the beats are bang up to date, the songs are built for long life.

Ironik describes his new sound as ‘suave’.

“It’s classier, more mature and my lyrics have a lot more emotion,” he explains. “I’ve grown up. There are clubby, uptempo tracks and more musically complex downtempos, to make you really listen to the lyrics.”

At only 22 years of age, Ironik’s admirers include Tom Cruise, Sir Elton John (who gave rare permission for him to sample his iconic Tiny Dancer) and even Prince Charles.

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