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Jackson Analogue - And Then, Nothing

Jackson Analogue, And Then, Nothing

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

THE debut album from Jackson Analogue is born out of a deep respect for the blues-rock of Muddy Waters and Credence Clearwater Revival, a classic British sensibility that derives from a love of The Who (who they recently supported) and an affinity with the ’90s rock and grunge of the band’s own youth.

As such, And Then, Nothing is a raw, often vibrant offering, characterized by some epic riffs and throaty vocals.

The blues-rock influence is evident from the outset, thanks to the thumping beats and driving guitars of opening salvo Day Is Done, a cracking effort that wouldn’t sound out of place being played at Patrick Swayze’s Roadhouse.

Its followed by the equally lusty, hammond-driven Stop, a former single that really does blow the cobwebs from the speakers and gets you up and dancing. Vocally, it’s an explosive effort that really does make the rest of the album an exciting proposition.

But instead of really going for it, the album then threatens to become stuck in its ways – Come On and Janis following pretty much the same formula.

Thankfully, the gentle acoustics of Concrete Hands showcases a more tender side to the band that offers a refreshing respite from some of the out and out rock, and genuinely wins you back over.

Elsewhere, Buffalo fuses guitars and hammond organ to thrilling effect, Disco again slows things down to charming effect, and Moodyman Left rounds things off in supremely confident slow-burning fashion to leave you wanting more.

Jackson Analogue define themselves as a band for all those who still believe that music is about passion, not fashion and the right song counts for more than the right hair cut.

But while the album doesn’t always deliver on the promise of its very best tracks, it remains an eye-opening debut from a band that exist with a refreshingly maverick spirit.

Download picks: Day Is Done, Stop, Concrete Hands, Disco, Moodyman Left, Buffalo

Track listing:

  1. Day Is Done
  2. Stop
  3. Come On
  4. Janis
  5. Concrete Hands
  6. Buffalo
  7. Walking Zombie
  8. All Alone
  9. Disco
  10. West Of Here
  11. Moodyman Left