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Jamie T lined up for T-Mobile Street Gig

Jamie T

Story by Jack Foley

JAMIE T is going back underground to perform in an ex public convenience as part of the latest T-Mobile Street Gig.

Armed with only his acoustic bass guitar Jamie heads back to West London to perform a very intimate gig in the most unusual of places, a converted public toilet in Shepherd’s Bush on Tuesday, August 15.

Now in its second year, T-Mobile Street Gigs has brought you some of the biggest and most exciting new artists including The Strokes, The Streets, Pharrell and Dirty Pretty Things to the UK’s streets for a series of live gigs.

One-man band Jamie T decided to fuse his loose folky songs with a punk, reggae and hip hop tinge which spins from minimalist to complex and back again.

He has a quintessentially eclectic London sound that has gained him a cult following. Described as a cross between The Streets and Billy Bragg, Jamie T pedals his own brand of socio-political commentary in a catchy pop format.

Jamie T said: “It’s not often that you get to play in a public toilet! The location and atmosphere are great and I’m looking forward to playing there.”

The only certainty with a T-Mobile Street Gig is to expect the unexpected! Recent T-Mobile Street Gigs involved The Strokes playing to dinosaurs, at the Natural History Museum, Magic Numbers playing a Casino, The Streets performing in London’s only lighthouse, The Rakes rocking out a Turkish Kebab shop and Pharrell playing at a fruit market!

A total of 20 bespoke T-Mobile Street Gigs are planned for 2006 and each one will be a unique entertainment experience in its own right, created by T-Mobile in order to bring music fans closer to the experiences they love.

Over the next few months, T-Mobile customers and their music fan mates will have the chance to see their favourite bands performing live in the most unusual and unexpected settings… the select crowd will always know where their Street Gigs experience starts, but they’ll never know beforehand quite how it’s going to end up!

Tickets are strictly by invite only. To be in with a chance of getting on the guest list for this intimate gig, music fans must register online at from 9am on Tuesday, August 8 until 9am on Friday, August 11.

  1. I think these gigs at unusual venues are a great idea

    william martin    Aug 16    #