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Japandroids - Post-Nothing

Japandroids, Post-Nothing

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

I REALLY wanted to like Japandroids debut album, Post-Nothing but sadly, it just didn’t grab me. That said, I still like the idea behind them and some of their music is pretty decent.

The Vancouver breakouts are a two-piece band that originally started as a creative outlet for the post-teenage angst of Brian King and David Prowse. Intended to be a trio, the boys decided to forgo the logistical nightmare of having a “lead singer” and do it themselves.

They subsequently set tongues wagging across north America with the release of two critically-acclaimed EPs that were backed by a series of explosive live shows since appearing at last year’s CMJ in New York.

Hopes were therefore high upon hearing the debut album, which further promised a collection of songs that combined rip-roaring melodies with a visceral energy and lo-fi production values.

Evidence of this is certainly to be found in tracks like riotous album opener The Boys Are Leaving Town – a lo-fi riposte to The Boys Are Back In Town maybe (?) – and the high octane energy of Young Hearts Spark Fire.

I even dug the “don’t give a fuck attitude” that’s evident on Sovereignty, which acknowledges another rainy night in their home-town of Vancouver without getting down about it [tip, given the wetness of our own lacklustre summer, it’s worth breaking out the tune on your iPod whenever the heaven’s open!].

But while such tracks are good in stand-alone form, and could easily grace the soundtrack of a cool indie-vibed film such as Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist [watch, you’ll know why], their sound could do with a little diversity.

The emphasis on riotous, post-punky guitars can get tiring, while the lo-fi aspect tends to make every song sound the same after a while. The three standout tracks aside, Post-Nothing quickly becomes a highly-charged wall of noise.

Nevertheless, if they can get their act together and improve the scope of their songwriting as they ready a sophomore LP, then maybe they can still surprise us all yet. Like we said, we want to like Japandroids… and we’re not prepared to quit on them yet.

Download picks: The Boys Are Leaving Town, Young Hearts Spark Fire, Sovereignty

Track listing:

  1. Boys Are Leaving Town, The
  2. Young Hearts Spark Fire
  3. Wet Hair
  4. Rockers East Vancouver
  5. Heart Sweats
  6. Crazy/Forever
  7. Sovereignty
  8. I Quit Girls