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Jeremih - Jeremih

Jeremih, Jeremih

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 1 out of 5

IT’S hard to remember listening to a more disappointing debut album… but Jeremih’s eponymous offering is insufferably bland stuff.

The reason for such disappointment, however, is that the young R’n‘B singer had boasted promising credentials. Hailed as Def Jam’s latest sensation, Jeremih is also a self-taught multi-instrumentalist having started playing drums at three-years-old and then going on to play the sax, drums, piano and bass guitar.

Little of that talent is evident on this generic, even juvenile, R’n‘B album that’s largely epitomised by the lacklustre nature of lead single, Birthday Sex.

That track is a vocoder-laced slice of R’n‘B/pop that’s part Kanye, part Craig David and nothing really special. It’s designed to be sexy but is really rather facile.

The same applies to album opener That Body, which finds the 21-year-old paying homage to a perfect female form, and to My Ride, which finds him singing: “Even if you don’t like me, I bet you fall in love with my ride.”

Occasionally, he threatens to offer up a semi-decent R’n‘B rhythm, with Break Up To Make Up dropping a decent beat and an OK melody. But even then, the lyrics are just to forgettable that you won’t really care.

An attempt to come over all serious and soulful (a la young Michael Jackson) on Starting All Over at least hints at what could be to come once Jeremih matures, but the song itself is a pretty insipid R’n‘B ballad, while the self-serving Imma Star sounds particularly foolhardy as it’s painfully clear that Jeremih has his work cut out before he can dare to call himself that.

Well, that said there are plenty of stars out there who don’t necessarily have the talent to back it up. Jeremih’s CV suggests he has it in abundance, but it’s sadly lacking from this forgettable debut LP.

Track listing:

  1. That Body
  2. Birthday Sex
  3. Break Up To Make Up
  4. Runway
  5. Raindrops
  6. Starting All Over
  7. Imma Star (Everywhere We Are)
  8. Jumpin’
  9. Hatin’ On Me
  10. My Sunshine
  11. My Ride
  12. Buh Bye
  13. Birthday Sex