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Jimmy Edgar - Color Strip

Jimmy Edgar, Color Strip

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 1.5 out of 5

JIMMY Edgar is regarded by some as a multi-generation leader of the Detroit electronic scene, worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence as the likes of Juan Atkins, Carl Craig, Derrick May, Dopplereffekt and Drexciya. He has even played a few warehouse raves with some of these luminaries.

A self-taught musician, Edgar is also becoming a renwoned artist, having decided to freelance study graphic design while doing internships. His designs can be seen creatively in some of the most unexpected places in Detroit and beyond.

Sadly, the acclaim surrounding him was lost on me. His debut album, Color Strip is a pretty lifeless, dare I say bland collection of programming skills and synthesizer touches.

At its best, it recalls memories of Paul Hardcastle but too much is ethereal, minimalist and just plain boring. My Beats My Beats, for instance, is all jerky production values and repetitive vocal samples, while LBLB Detroit is so far beyond chillout that it’s virtually comatose.

There’s an 80s retro vibe surrounding the slightly more funkier Personal Information, which really does seem to be tipping its hat to Hardcastle’s 19, particularly in its vocal breakdowns, but that’s about as good as the album gets.

Telautrax offers the sort of irritating ambience that could provide a useful cure for insomniacs, while Of The Silent Variety is just another bland collection of indifferent beats and cheap, 80s soundtrack-filler electronica.

The PR states that Color Strip offers a sinister and mysterious set of dark R’n’B that finds ‘sex oozing from every sweaty track’. Curiously, this aroused nothing in me but a desire to head for the off button on the stereo.

Says Jimmy: “I love to be loved, but hated too, anything that moves someone so intensely.” Without wanting to sound too downbeat, I have to confess to falling into the hate category.

Track listing:

  1. Pret A Porter
  2. My Beats My Beats
  3. I Wanna Be Your STD
  4. LBLB Detroit
  5. Personal Information
  6. Telautraux
  7. Hold It Attach It Connect It
  8. Jefferson Interception
  9. Of The Silent Variety
  10. Semierotiic
  11. Color Strip Warren
  12. Heart Beat Sexual