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Jupiter One - Jupiter One

Jupiter One, Jupiter One

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

JUPITER One are nothing if not adventurous in their songwriting. Percolating with the nervous energy of the Talking Heads, the stuttering punk-funk of Gang of Four, and the pulsating synths of the Cars, they seek to inject the indie rock scene with a bracing rhythmic pulse, two-fisted pop hooks and East Coast swagger.

Their self-titled debut album is therefore a very busy listen… and a long one as well. Clocking in at just under 60 minutes, it seldom sits still and draws on countless influences along the way. Some of this gives rise to some great little records; at other times it feels like a pretty long slog.

After an inocuous opening instrumental, things begin brightly with former single Countdown, a song that kicks off with a hypnotic, scrappy riff, before building up to a wall of fuzz until it soars into a dreamy, psychadelic haze. It’s a lively starting point.

Moon Won’t Turn contains a post-punk energy that’s reminiscent of The Strokes during the chorus, before coming over all psychedelic again during the chorus, and Unglued introduces some swirling, spaced-out synths into the mix before taking you on a slightly surreal pop journey.

Mystery Man opens with more soothing ambience and an almost whispered vocal, before eventually dropping some punchier riffs and incendiary lyrics about “a bastard” mystery man.

Worth listening out for, too, are the Duran Duran-esque former single Platform Moon, which is lengthy but really rather magnificent, and the synth-overload that is Wrong Line, a kitsch, ’80s-fixated piece of funk.

Kamikaze Pilots, meanwhile, begins as a classic 1960s smoky organ groove before becoming ever more complex… the use of multiple keyboards lending rich and sometimes mysterious textures to the melody.

Occasionally, Jupiter One seem to lose themselves in their adventure, though, and tracks like the ELO on acid epic Way To The Floating Hospital/The Miracle of Flight throw you a real curve, while Umbrellas would be much more fun if it were significantly shorter and snappier.

The overall feel is that there’s a really great short album bursting to get out and taken on the merits of its best songs alone, Jupiter One boast plenty of talent. If they could just check some of their wilder indulgences…

Download picks: Countdown, Mystery Man, Platform Moon, Wrong Line, Kamikaze Pilots

Track listing:

  1. Intro For Ani Enorda
  2. Countdown
  3. Moon Won’t Turn
  4. Unglued
  5. Mystery Man
  6. Turn Up The Radio
  7. Platform Moon
  8. Wrong Line
  9. Fire Away
  10. Kamikaze Pilots
  11. Way To The Floating Hospital/The Miracle Of Flight
  12. Umbrella
  13. Summer Song