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Kah - More Than Dawn

Kah, More Than Dawn

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 5 out of 5

IF THERE’S any justice, it won’t be long before London-based electronica singer Kah becomes a huge star.

Her debut album, More Than Dawn is a truly spellbinding listen that showcases a pretty major talent. Beautifully composed, it features a stunning voice and some truly lush instrumentation that belies its somewhat DIY approach.

To best appreciate Kah’s achievement then consider this. The singer-songwriter is in charge of the entire creative process on the album, from inception to delivery.

Writing all the melodies, lyrics, beats and singing all the vocals, she performs and creates every layer on every instrument and then produces the songs too.

But in order to create the finished piece, Kah uses a simple combination of a Macbook, a mic, a keyboard, Logic Pro, Absynth and a lot of coffee.

The process is complete when Kah takes her Macbook out gigging and likes to introduce her electronic music with poetry, which is often written fresh every night for each performance.

From listening to More Than Dawn, however, you’d be forgiven for thinking she had a massive production studio behind her and plenty of behind-the-scenes production help.

The album is so assured, so well produced and so imaginative that it makes Kah’s achievement all the more admirable – and demanding of widespread support.

Songs of real quality fly thick and fast from the speakers. Album opener Wanting To Be Haunted leads the charge, fusing a retro organ sound with a trippy beat and some vocals to drool for. It’s a hip entry point and an immediate attention grabber. Vocally, especially, Kah has a beguiling presence.

Fugitive, meanwhile, opens in atmospheric, almost whispered fashion, with an ethereal pulse underpinning it… before eventually dropping a really insistent back-beat and some slick electronic flourishes to bring out the best in the layered, menacing vocals.

The darkness inherent in lines such as “I only like it when you push me away” lends Kah’s vocals a dangerous feistiness.

In contrast, meanwhile, comes Kite, which finds her in dreamy Lykke Li vocal territory, finely balancing an almost innocent, child-like vocal around some cute electronics that evoke the image of a kite drifting between the clouds she sings about.

Back Seat Driver, meanwhile, adds another compelling, even dancefloor friendly, electronic beat over another ethereal vocal (call it Bjork-like if you will), while single Goose Girl strips things back to a capella form early on, before disarming you completely with its sparse but compelling electronic melodies.

There’s an almost cinematic sweep to Dragonfly Boy once it’s allowed to blossom, while July Song lays down more infectious beats and electronic loops while conjuring the type of song that should easily become a summer anthem if it gets noticed and promoted right.

Further highlights, meanwhile, come from the sparse, wintery November Song, which talks of collecting stars and enchants, and Architect, which unfolds from the simplest of acoustic backing to genuinely capture your heart.

Sweet Jeremiah then draws things to a close in slow-building, multi-layered fashion to offer a near-perfect farewell from an artist you’ll want to hear a lot more from in the future!

Kah, in short, has delivered something of a musical masterpiece with More Than Dawn and she deserves to bask in the warm glow of its surefire critical acclaim for sometime yet!

Download picks: Fugitive, Kite, Goose Girl, Dragonfly Boy, July Song, Architect, November Song, Sweet Jeremiah

Track listing:

  1. Wanting To Be Haunted
  2. Fugitive
  3. Kite
  4. Back Seat Driver
  5. Goose Girl
  6. Dragonfly Boy
  7. July Song
  8. Big City Miracle
  9. November Song
  10. Architect
  11. Sweet Jeremiah

  1. Wow. Thank you. Really means an awful lot to find out the songs actually connect with someone when you make them all on your own in your bedroom.

    You can pre-order a limited edition copy of the album from my website shop at

    I am hard to find and won’t be getting my face on a bus anytime soon but it is good to know that the music is getting out there and that people like you are willing to help me do that.

    Big thanks and happy spring things to you all. Kah xx

    Kah    Mar 25    #