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Kanye West heads to Hollywood

Kanye West

Story by Jack Foley

RAPPER Kanye West is to follow in the footsteps of 50 Cent and Eminem by appearing in a movie inspired by his music.

The acclaimed singer has reportedly signed a deal with New Line Cinema to develop and star in a film about his “vision” of America.

The movie seeks to look at life in the US from a number of perspectives and is said to reflect West’s middle-class upbringing in Chicago, which sets him apart from some of his contemporaries.

As yet, there is no name attached to the project although producer Richard Brown revealed that it will “synthesise” West’s own ideas with those “of a fantastic group of film-makers”.

West has his work cut out if he is to impress in Hollywood as much as he has turned heads in the music industry.

Eminem enjoyed considerable success and widespread acclaim when he united with director Curtis Hanson for 8 Mile. But 50 Cent drew largely negative reviews for his movie, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, which was directed by Jim Sheridan earlier this year.

Another huge rap act, OutKast, are poised to deliver their first movie, Idlewild, later this year.