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Katie Melua supports Save The Children

Katie Melua

Story by Jack Foley

AS PART of Katie Melua’s ongoing commitment to Save The Children, she will be donating Europe-wide proceeds from the physical and digital sales of her new single Spider’s Web to the children’s charity.

Unavoidable third party costs, including manufacturing and distribution, will be deducted but all marketing and promotion costs will be absorbed by Katie’s management and record company Dramatico Entertainment.

Katie and the independent record label have also underwritten the fundraising activity by guaranteeing a minimum, undisclosed, contribution to Save The Children.

An audience favourite on her recent UK and European tour, Spider’s Web is written by Katie and reflects the singer’s inquiring and probing mind. Are all wars wrong? Is the bully the victim or the culprit? Can the cause of racism excuse it?

At 21-years-old, Katie doesn’t claim to have the answers but does have a need to ask the questions.

Katie was pronounced the highest selling female artist in Britain in 2005, for the second year running, selling more than 1 million albums.

In addition to great success in Britain, her adopted country, Katie
continues to be one of Britain’s most successful exports.

Piece By Piece has sold 1.2million copies in Britain and a further 1.2 million copies abroad. Overall the album peaked at No.2 in the Billboard European Top 100 Chart.

Katie has now sold more than 5 million albums worldwide since November 2003.

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