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Keisha White - Out Of My Hands

Keisha White, Out Of My Hands

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

HAVING won many friends and widespread critical acclaim for her debut album, Seventeen, young soul singer Keisha White now releases her sophomore effort, Out Of My Hands.

But while certainly an easy listen thanks to White’s silky smooth vocal style, it’s very much a hit and miss affair that doesn’t really stretch this talented performer as far as it might.

The album is at its strongest when keeping things lively, as recent single and album opener, Don’t Mistake Me proves with its sassy, defiant sub-Motown style.

But when it resorts to strained soul ballads in the style of another former single (and second track), The Weakness In Me it becomes more of a cumbersome affair and hopelessly generic at that.

White became influenced by music from an early age, especially since her mother was a professional singer.

But she has subsequently built her career around “the three As” – Aretha Franklin, Alicia Keys and Anita Baker. The influence of all three is abundantly clear.

Don’t Mistake Me contains an earthy Aretha vibe that occasionally transcends time to hint at Macy Gray’s husky style, while The Weakness In Me is more Alicia Keys.

Elsewhere, there’s a noteworthy sense of hopefulness in I Choose Life, a strings heavy mid-tempo ballad that finds White defiantly issuing lines such as “I aint gonna wait to see the rain…”. It’s typical of the easygoing vibe that surrounds the album’s best track.

While Complicated Emotions hints at a Roberta Flack classic of days gone by during the verse, before breaking into a trumpet-laden chorus.

And there’s a curiously 80s vibe surrounding Love Is The Deepest Hurt which, to me, recalls the chorus of Go West’s 80s hit The King Of Wishful Thinking from the Pretty Woman soundtrack.

Sadly, however, there’s no standout moment. Records have a tendency to roll into each other without really putting forward anything that grabs the attention and refuses to let go. It’s nice as background music but White’s strong vocal sense deserves something much more prominent.

As such, Out Of My Hands is more mainstream-friendly and less of a risk-taking affair. It’ll doubtless win her many fans but it does feel like a missed opportunity to really make her mark in the way that the “three As” might have done in their heyday.

Track listing:

  1. Don’t Mistake Me
  2. Weakness In Me
  3. What’s On Your Mind
  4. I Choose Life
  5. Complicated Emotions
  6. Out Of My Hands
  7. Love Is The Deepest Hurt
  8. Baby Come To Me
  9. Brother
  10. Why
  11. One Step At A Time
  12. It Takes A Stronger Man

  1. I haven't sampled the album. Hopefully it will win so many hearts

    sililo    Jul 17    #