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Kelly Rowland - Ms Kelly Deluxe

Kelly Rowland, Ms Kelly Deluxe

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

I’M always sceptical about the merits of deluxe or special editions of CDs or DVDs. Part of me feels they’re a cash in designed to fleece loyal fans out of their money.

Hence, Kelly Rowland’s ‘deluxe’ version of Ms Kelly, an album she originally released in June 2007, begs the question “why”?

The marketing package will tell you that it includes all of her recent hits, previously unreleased material and more! Miss Kelly Deluxe is a repacked, reworked and spiced up version of the original LP that features five spanking new tracks, two Top 5 hits, booty shaking remixes and much more.

Among the new stuff is a revamped version of Work, as remixed by the Freemasons, that stormed to No.4 in the UK chart, as well as the smash Like This and most recent single Daylight featuring the very hot Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes (an admittedly fun, frivolous R’n‘B number that benefits from McCoy’s hip delivery).

There’s also a “super slick” remix of Daylight from top dance DJ Joey Negro (bland and Ibiza-fixated, so really not worth it), and production from the likes of Polow Da Don, Sean Garrett, Tank, Scott Storch, Rockwilder, SoulShock and Karlin, and Billy Mann.

The main problem with this Deluxe package, however, is that it simply cannot mask the failings of the original. You can pick the singles.

Once it drifts into sappy balladry such as Love Again, Unity and the strings-laden, acoustic-heavy This Is Love it quickly runs out of steam and feels like every R’n‘B diva-based LP from Whitney Houston to Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey and beyond.

It’s best when keeping things fun and frivolous on tracks like Work, Daylight and Like This. Sadly, they’re in short supply – so this really is for the diehard fans only.

Download picks: Work, Daylight, Like This, Love

Track listing:

  1. Work [Freemasons radio edit]
  2. Daylight – Kelly Rowland & Travis McCoy
  3. Like This – Kelly Rowland & Eve
  4. Love
  5. This Is Love
  6. Broken
  7. Better Without You
  8. Every Thought Is You
  9. Love Again
  10. Unity
  11. No Man No Cry
  12. Daylight [Joey Negro club mix]
  13. Come Back [Kamatronic remix]

  1. Ms. Kelly Deluxe is undoubtedly a hit, there is absolutely an evolution here. Kelly has done very well again.

    Ms. Sightly    May 12    #