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Kevin Michael: Phildelphia's hottest new act

Kevin Michael

Feature by Jack Foley

PHILADELPHIA born Kevin Michael is one of the hottest new acts to emerge from America at the moment.

Signed to Atlantic Records/Downtown, Kevin is due to release his stunning debut single We All Want The Same Thing digitally on July 23 – and it’s well worth checking out.

The opening track from the forthcoming self-titled album (out October 15) features Chicago native label-mate Lupe Fiasco and serves as both a statement of purpose and roots for Kevin who has lived in worlds both black and white. (“All my gangster friends/and all my skater friends/We all want the same thing/DJ’s in the clubs/Jesus freaks and thugs/We all want the same thing”).

Kevin Michael brings to the game an irresistible blend of soul, funk, R&B and pop, conjuring up greats from the past whilst at the same time, adding something totally new.

Born in Chester, Pennsylvania, the child of a black father and an Italian mother, Kevin grew up in a house filled with music. His father, a music fanatic, was known in his hood as “Rick Prince” due to his love of Rick James and Prince.

Creating a legend and then living it out is what Kevin has set out to do with his debut album, Kevin Michael.

Tracks include If I Ain’t Got You, a love song filled with lament and loss; Vicki Secrets featuring Kevin’s falsetto skills, and his ode to Michael Jackson, Stone Cold Killa, which weaves a Latin percussive feel with snappy pop phrasing and layered vocal harmonies that conjure a world of good times, beautiful women and smiles on the dance floor.

“I don’t know where I begin and the music stops,” exclaims Kevin. “But I’m going to tie everything together. Be Mr Global, Mr Universe. I’ve got the hit songs to do it – and wait till you see my show!

“I came out of the gates swinging,” he says of his debut album, and the early indications are that he has what it takes to become a Philadelphia great.

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