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Kid:Coda - Album (Digital release)


Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

KID:Coda is an innvoative Newcastle band that blend electronic edges with rootsy influences to create soulful grooves reminiscent of Death In Vegas, Air and the eclectic spirit of Super Furry Animals.

Released on the Kitchenware label, home of Editors, The Motorettes and Prefab Sprout, the LP was recorded at Castlesound Studios and The Mixing Rooms in East Lothian and is being released digitally on September 25 through iTunes.

And it’s well worth downloading, for the nine tracks that comprise the album are almost always of an excellent quality.

Fronted by Sy Scott, Kid:Coda remain something of an enigma. Prominent on myspace (but which new act isn’t), there isn’t a great deal of information to be found on them – which means their music has to do the talking.

Yet from the opening riffs of Jaws, with its funky Eastern flavour and bongo-style percussion, you can tell you’re in for a bit of a treat. Jaws is a lively record, changing pace at several points, to drop haunting, ethereal electronica with some bold mouth organ and Hendrix-inspired guitar riffs. The brew is strong and impactful.

Its successor, Dudsie changes pace completely – blissful, serene and almost slacker in style. It’s a terrific piece of chillout that finds Kid:Coda drawing from Air and Lemon Jelly in terms of influence. The vocals, once they kick in, are also well-realised and just wistful enough to flirt with slacker territory.

An epic string arrangement serves to supplement the cinematic sweep surrounding Wait ‘Til The Morning which, again, drifts seemlessly into chillout territory, while Reap My Regret flirts with Beta Band-style vocals and emerges as a low-key charmer that washes effortlessly over you.

But just when you think the band is content to exist in mellow territory, Kid:Coda throw in the odd moment of funk or giddy electronica, such as Keep The Belief or The Hunger – the latter of which eventually drops in some hammond organ that’s reminiscent of early Charlatans or Inspiral Carpets.

Yet as eclectic as the album can be, drawing from the wealth of Kid:Coda’s many inspirations, it’s the mellower moments that work best and Feel The Breeze surfaces towards the end to provide further evidence of the band’s ability to ease you into a relaxed state of mind. It’s a heartwarmer of a track that’s built around some crisp guitar riffs, soft vocals and well-realised electronic flourishes.

It’s a shame that the eponymous album isn’t being given the widespread release it deserves – especially since not everyone has bought into the digital music revolution as yet. But if it does well on iTunes and myspace, which it deserves to, then maybe it’ll be available in record stores in the very near future. We can only hope…

Track listing:

  1. Jaws
  2. Dudsie
  3. Wait ‘Til The Morning
  4. Keep The Belief
  5. Reap My Regret
  6. The Hunger
  7. Feel The Breeze
  8. Tracts
  9. Searching