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Kill It Kid - You Owe Nothing (Review)

Kill It Kid, You Owe Nothing

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

THEY may hail from Britain but the new album from Kill It Kid is steeped in American blues rock history and the results are pretty incendiary – in a good way.

Having grown up on the likes of Robert Johnson, Kill It Kid vocalist and guitarist Chris Turpin went about honing his craft and enlisting fellow band members with a similar appreciation for bands that originated from the backwoods and bayous of America’s South, as well as the English bands who were also inspired by them (such as The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Led Zeppelin).

The result, in Turpin’s own words, is “simple rock ‘n’ roll music” that demands to be listened to as a whole. And it mixes the heavy with the brooding in sometimes spectacular fashion, trading boy-girl vocals at various points, and delivering some blistering, blues-inflicted guitar riffs.

A middle trio of Tired of The Way You Want To Live, Blood Stop And Run and Cheap Revival is particularly explosive. The former, in particular, is shot through with some sublime slide guitar and an equally mesmerising mix of boy-girl vocals, while Blood Stop And Run finds fellow band member Stephanie Ward take the mic, adding an intensely sensual female edge to the music during its heaviest moments and nodding to the likes of Southern sirens Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith.

Cheap Revival is a powerhouse anthem in all senses of the word, featuring a set of beefed up vocals from Turin that are as over-sized as the central riffs.

But they can do slow-burning too, as evidenced with the anguished, piano-backed Hurts To Be Loved By You (which screams with pain at times), while former single I’ll Be The First is enlivened by rapid hand-clap beats and some more volatile guitar riffs that, arguably, recall both The White Stripes and Rage Against The Machine.

Further highlights come from Law of Love, an acoustic finale that ends things on a nicely laidback note, and High Class, which delivers another heavy, blues-soaked hard rock anthem.

Kill It Kid may insist “you owe nothing” on their album title but there’s a debt of gratitude to be paid once you’ve heard what said LP has in store. It’s a barnstomer.

Download picks: Tired Of The Way You Want To Live, Blood Stop And Run, Cheap Revival, I’ll Be The First, Law of Love

Track listing:

  1. Black It Out
  2. High Class
  3. Sick Case Of Loving You
  4. Caroline
  5. Tired Of The Way You Want To Live
  6. Blood Stop And Run
  7. Cheap Revival
  8. Hurts To Be Loved By You
  9. I’ll Be The First
  10. Don’t It Feel Good
  11. Tried Used Loved Abused
  12. Law Of Love