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King Creosote - Bombshell

King Creosote, Bombshell

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

BOMBSHELL marks the fourth album from Fife-based singer-songwriter Kenny Anderson and it could well mark his finest hour.

Embracing elements of folk and electronic music, Anderson has long been considered one of the more interesting artists plying his trade north of the border, but Bombshell reveals the depths of his skill in emphatic fashion.

And yet almost ironically, it doesn’t so much explode into life as quietly beguile its way into your subconscious. Album opener Leslie is an atmospheric offering that confidently pairs Anderson’s stark vocals against nothing more than an accordian and some strings. It’s brooding, pensive and lyrically intelligent and it’s a haunting opening that truly does hint at something special.

Home In A Sentence, on the other hand, is delivered with a gusto and virve that’s totally in contrast to the song which precedes it. The beats are rousing, the guitar-based melodies shimmering in the extreme and Anderson’s vocals soar to almost falsetto notes during the giddy chorus.

And then comes the former single You’ve No Clue Do You, a brilliant offering that’s described in its PR as “the best country rock highway driver The Eagles never wrote”. Here, here!

The remainder of the album is similarly impressive. Cowardly Custard adopts a cheerful troubadour style that sounds like an enticing mix of Badly Drawn Boy and The Proclaimers, while Church As Witness works its slow-burning magic with some thoughtful piano chords and more acoustic backing.

Look out, too, for the aching romanticism of There’s None Of That, the intimate beauty of Cockle Shell which is truly spellbinding, and the atmospheric closing track And The Racket They Made, which once again makes a mockery of its song title.

If there’s a minor criticism, it’s that the album opens a little too strong and can’t always sustain the quality or diversity of the opening three songs in particular. But if you’re a fan of the singer-songwriter movement, then King Creosote is one of those artists who reigns supreme. There’s plenty to admire here as the artist seems to be growing and growing in confidence with every album he releases.

Download picks: Leslie, Home In A Sentence, You’ve No Clue Do You, Cowardly Custard, Cockle Shell, There’s None Of That, And The Racket They Made

Track listing:

  1. Leslie
  2. Home In A Sentence
  3. You’ve No Clue Do You
  4. Cowardly Custard
  5. Church As Witness
  6. There’s None Of That
  7. Nooks
  8. Now Drop Your Bombshell
  9. Admiral
  10. Cockle Shell
  11. Spystick
  12. At The WAL
  13. And The Racket They Made