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Klaxons win 2007 Mercury Music Prize


Story by Jack Foley

KLAXONS won this year’s coveted Nationwide Mercury Prize for the best album of the past year, beating favourites Amy Winehouse and Bat For Lashes, as well as last year’s victors the Arctic Monkeys.

The “new rave” group from south London walked off with the £20,000 prize for their debut album Myths Of The Near Future to complete another surprise night for the awards.

Many had thought troubled singer Amy Winehouse would win the prize, especially since she made a rare appearance, while the focus of betting had also shifted towards Bat For Lashes.

But Klaxons took the prize against the odds and immediately delivered a provocative response to the award by insisting they had deserved to beat Winehouse because she made a “retro record and we’ve made the most forward-thinking record”.

Winehouse, for her part, put her recent troubles behind her to perform a rendition of Love Is A Losing Game from her nominated album Back To Black. It was her first appearance in some time and capped a period of uncertainty as to whether she’d even turn up for the event, having recently attended rehab.

Klaxons have only been together for two years and looked understandably overjoyed upon hearing their names, running to the stage and hugging Jools Holland as he presented them with the prize.

According to the Mercury Prize judges, Klaxons’ album took them on an “ecstatic musical adventure”. The LP features the singles Golden Skans and It’s Not Over Yet.

Last year’s winners the Arctic Monkeys were nominated again for their sophomore album Favourite Worst Nightmare but did not attend the ceremony because they are currently touring the US.

  1. Congratulations are in order to London based Klaxons for winning last nights prestigous Nationwide Mercury Music Prize I think.

    I am pleasantly surprised with news of the Klaxon’s victory. Singer and bass player Jamie Reynolds made perfect sense when reflecting on the judges decision,

    “I think [the Mercury judges] have rewarded forward thinking music,” Asked about winning over Winehouse, the band grumbled about having to answer questions about her all day. “She is fantastic, but her record is a retro record, and we have made the most forward thinking record since I don’t know how long,” Reynolds said.

    If its true the award is to honour forward thinking music then Klaxons had it in the bag all along…its just the criteria for winners seems to change every year. Previous winners Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand could hardly be described as forward thinking but their winning credentials could not be doubted.

    Year after year the awards are marred with controversy – I think the board at Mercury need to clean up once and for all what the awards are supposed to reward…that way the awards might make a little bit more sense.

    Victoria's Jukebox for Best New Music Blog - VOTE    Sep 5    #
  2. If a band as unoriginal and unimaginatively annoying as Klaxons can win the Mercury Prize, then I'm baffled. The clear favourite of bookies, bloggers, Jools Holland and all fans of real music you’d like to listen to was Bat For Lashes. So what were the judges thinking? I downloaded Myths Of The Near Future, listened to all the tracks as far as I could bare them and then deleted the lot. Flux of Pink Indians did better stuff than this 26 years ago. Check out: ’1970’s Have Been Made in Hong Kong’.

    MagicRat    Sep 14    #
  3. Hurrah, someone who speaks what everyone’s been thinking. Bat For Lashes were robbed. It should always have been them – not Ami, not Arctic Monkeys two years in a row and certainly not Klaxons. Bat For Lashes have delivered one of the most innovative and eclectic albums of the past couple of years and they should be in awards contention more often.

    Jane    Sep 15    #