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Kleerup - Kleerup

Kleerup, Kleerup

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

SCANDINAVIAN producer and music-maker Andreas Kleerup enjoyed one of the biggest UK chart hits of last year – but you might not know it.

Kleerup was half of the act responsible for the No.1 hit With Every Heartbeat with Robyn.

Robyn, of course, supplied the vocals but it was Kleerup’s melancholy, ethereal electro-pop instrumentation that really gave the track its distinction.

If you love that track, then Kleerup’s own eponymous debut album is well worth seeking out, trading on the same kind of ethereal pop that made his work with Robyn so memorable. Indeed, With Every Heartbeat is included on the collection.

But there’s plenty more to enjoy, most notably collaborations with Lykke Li, Titiyo (Neneh Cherry’s younger sister) and Marit Bergman.

Occasionally, the synth-based sound becomes a little repetitive and non-descript, while at other times it’s vaguely reminiscent of synth pioneers such as Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre.

But when Kleerup gets it right, his sound is unique and really quite formidable.

Until We Bleed, his collaboration with Lykke Li, plays to the strengths of both artists. It’s haunting, minimalist, ethereal and catchy as hell. Li’s vocals are as irrepressible as ever, while the synth stabs stark yet endearing. By the time it hits the chorus, it’s a catchy electro-pop number.

Former release and IndieLondon single of the week Longing For Lullabies, featuring Titiyo, is another pop gem – kooky, catchy, vaguely romantic and also typically ethereal.

On his own, Kleerup is also capable of churning out the charmers, with tracks like On My Own Again enhancing his own vocals and combining trippy folksy psychadelia with cheesy ’80s pop synths, and Iris sounding like a cool soundbite from Jan Hammer’s Miami Vice soundtrack days, or a Vangelis offering.

There’s a snappy back-beat to accompany Misery that’s reminiscent of early Depeche Mode, while Linda Sundblad crops up on the appealing, radio-friendly History, which almost sounds like Robyn smooching with Cyndi Lauper.

If you’ve been taken by any of the recent influx of Scandinavian pop stars, then Kleerup is well worth your undivided attention.

Download picks: Until We Bleed, With Every Heartbeat, Longing For Lullabies, On My Own Again, Misery

Track listing:

  1. Hero
  2. Until We Bleed (feat Lykke Li)
  3. Thank You For Nothing
  4. With Every Heartbeat (feat. Robyn)
  5. Tower of Trellick
  6. Longing For Lullabies (with Titiyo)
  7. On My Own Again
  8. Iris
  9. 3am (feat. Marit Bergman)
  10. Aint No Stopping
  11. Misery
  12. History (feat. Linda Sundblad)
  13. The End
  14. I Just Want To Make That Sad Boy Smile