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Krust - Human Awareness

Krust, Hidden Knowledge

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 1 out of 5

KRUST is described by some as the man behind some of “the most vital, important and thrilling electronic music coming out of Britain”.

Hence, this Hidden Knoweldge album is designed to showcase what he’s all about and features nine tracks of future funk that are said to push the boundaries of the jungle/drum ‘n’ bass genre they emanate from.

I fail to see how. This is an album that’s likely to appeal only to those who became hooked by the rave scene of the late 80s and early 90s, when music only made sense to those in a drugs haze.

The beats fly out thick and fast and almost all conform to the jungle or drum ‘n’ bass genre – and are pretty tedious and repetitive at that.

The only real bright spot, in fact, is the opening track Internal Dialogue that changes pace on three occasions to present three contrasting styles.

The opening one is atmospheric and borderline chillout, while the final effort conjures some good electronic beats, successfully uniting both organic and mechanic sounds.

But the middle section could easily serve as a warning for the remainder of the album, which delivers one mind-numbing disappointment after another.

Tracks like Mystery School and Choose Consciousness are more likely to irritate than inspire and pretty much epitomise all that was turgid about the rave scene.

It’s therefore a long haul to reach the end of the album some 73 minutes later. I felt drained – but not for a good reason.

A sample on the track Human Awareness drops the telling line “there is a level of consciousness that has many names”. It then attempts to explore the higher state it has in mind. The only state it left me in was perplexed – at just why Krust is such a highly regarded talent.

Track listing:
Disc: 1

  1. Internal Dialogue
  2. Belief System
  3. Choose Consciousness
  4. How To Mutate
  5. Human Awareness
  6. Mystery School
  7. Initiation
  8. Rhodes Less Travelled
  9. New Humans

Disc: 2

  1. Jazz Note
  2. Guess
  3. Memories
  4. Maintain
  5. Last Day
  6. Soul In Motion
  7. Warhead
  8. Kloakin’ Device