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Kylie Minogue visits BRIT school ahead of award

Kylie Minogue

Story by Jack Foley

KYLIE Minogue is to be the first female recipient of The Music Industry Trusts’ Award in its 16-year history, it has been confirmed.

The award was established in 1991 with the twin aims of honouring an individual and raising money for the nominated charities and is unique because it recognises the contribution that an individual has made to the music industry, from a range of activities: producer, film composer, record company executive, music retailer.

Previous recipients include Sir George Martin, John Barry, Peter Gabriel, Ahmet Ertegun, Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Kylie will receive her prize on October 29 at the Grosvenor Hotel in London.

Ahead of the ceremony, the singer visited the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology on Monday, October 8 – on the same day she was honoured as an idol at this year’s Q Awards. The BRIT school is one of the charity beneficiaries of the Music Industry Trusts’ Award.

There to greet the singer were BRIT school principal Nick Williams and Managing Director of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Pauline Etkin – in addition to around 800 students going about their normal routine!

During her visit, Kylie discussed the work of the BRIT school with a selection of teachers, plus the on-site Nordoff-Robbins therapist.

She also enjoyed a tour of the school’s dance studios, rehearsal and recording studios and classes, which demonstrated the benefits of the monies raised from the MITS Award.

The BRIT School is located in South London and provides a unique education for 800 young people who do not have a privileged background and want to choose a career in the arts industries.

Former students continue to impress, notably Kate Nash, Adele, Katie Melua, The Kooks, The Feeling, Imogen Heap, Adelaide McKenzie, Joel Pott of Athlete, Amy Winehouse, Polly Scattergood, Bev Tawiah and Andre Carol.

There are also a good number of ex-students appearing on television and the West End stage.

Once again the School has been able to support touring student groups, including at the Edinburgh Festival and the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Complete Works season.

The Music Industry Trusts’ Award annually raises monies for both the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy charity and the BRIT Trust – which includes the BRIT School.

This year, it has raised over £2.7 million for its two charities, Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy and the BRIT Trust.

  1. We're not children who don’t have a privileged background… The Brit school has a World famous reputation in the performing arts industry and some of the best facilities in the UK. That’s why people like myself want to come here. My family could afford to send me to a fee paying stage school but I would choose BRIT over any of the top performing arts schools because of its reputation and what it can offer me.

    Anom    Oct 9    #
  2. Yeh! whats that about! anyone can go to brit…. you just gota have talent!

    anom    Oct 11    #
  3. ^^^ i totally agree with the other comments.

    Anom    Oct 12    #
  4. im not someone with a underprivaledged background….just because BRITs doesnt have a fee, doesnt mean im underprivalidged? makes us sound bad!
    BRIT school is amazuing ansd im so glad i came here. its not like any other school in the world and id choose it over one of the poncey fee paid stuc up schools anyday
    :D x

    x    Oct 12    #
  5. same with me. I moved away from home to go there because i is an amazing school not because im underprivaledged.

    -    Oct 13    #
  6. what stupidness no one at brits is underprivalaged and im quite insulted that u think we are just because of the location of the school. im at brits because i want to be there not because i’m broke! i lot need to get ur facts right!

    louise    Oct 14    #
  7. Weird rantings and a hysterical over-reaction to a fairly non-descript article. I don’t think Jack Foley intends to insult anyone with this report, rather to highlight that Kylie Minogue visited the school – surely not a blight on anyone’s reputation? Also, from some of the comments from disgruntled readers, it strikes me that Brit members aren’t so much under-privileged as can't spell very well? What's with the language and lack of commas, etc?

    Pablo    Oct 14    #
  8. Good article, bar the paragraph about BRIT School accepting under-privelleged students. My son is a current year 12 student at BRIT School. He had to undergo an audition,and a theory, as well as a
    written exam and an in depth interview before being accepted by BRIT School. Incidentally one of his requirements was to have passed his GCSE Music. He obtained an A Grade, and has taken his AS1 levels and passed them all. We live in Chelmsford, Essex, and believe me the costs to rent him a flat and buy his equipment and living expenses etc, doesn’t make him under privelleged. We know how hard he had to work to get in, up against many hundreds of other kids with musical talent.We could have sent him to any private school in the country, but decided BRIT School was by far the best and such a uniquely equipped environment for him. He has been preprared to stay back a year, and go into year 12, even though he has taken his AS levels. That is because it is both a privellege and an honour to say you have been accepted at BRIT School.Certainly the press thought so, as they have published a story about our son getting in to Britains’ top music teaching School. We would be grateful if you would publish this e mail.

    philip jerome    Oct 14    #
  9. The BRIT School is the best thing which has happened to me in a long time, yes before i came to BRIT i was an annoying little kid, wjich sometimes i still am, but my behaivour has improved massively and BRITs is why!! and i am from a deprived background and so are alot of my friends but it doesn’t make a difference, we all have talent, and thats all that matters!!

    OSHP*T    Oct 15    #
  10. I spent my college years at The BRIT School, and had a great time!...but to be honest it’s what you do outside school that makes the difference…

    Bex    Nov 4    #