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Lackthereof - Your Anchor

Lackthereof, Your Anchor

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

DRUMMER Danny Seim is nothing if not prolific. Your Anchor is his ninth full-length solo album – and his second of 2008.

It was recorded in his basement in Portland and performed entirely by Seim himself. And that’s mean feat when you consider that he’s also a member of the band Menomena.

What’s more, Your Anchor is a pretty decent listen. A stoner album that sounds like Beck on weed in places, it clocks in at a tidy little 30 minutes and drops 10 tracks that almost all make a favourable impression in some way.

Album opener Chest Pass kicks things off in suitably stoner fashion, uttering the lyrics “the new you is the old you again” over a throbbing bassline, before dropping some insistent drum loops.

But things continue to get better with the hazy Fire Trial, which drifts from spaced out verses into slightly more ragged drum-led choruses, and Choir Practice, which really lifts from Beck to drop a funky back-beat and some similarly snappy guitar riffs. It’s a firm highlight.

Last November is another, just a few tracks later, trading from another funky drum loop and some woozy guitar riffs, while Ask Permission is a stoner dream – a blissful comedown track that thrives on some lush guitar work and some subdued drumming.

The bass-heavy downer song Vacant Eyes and a desolate cover version of The National’s Fake Empire bring things to a memorable close to pretty much ensure that you’ll be hoping Seim finds time to squeeze out another LP this year. Who knows… we’re only a little over halfway through!

Download picks: Last November, Choir Practice, Chest Pass, Ask Permission

Track listing:

  1. Chest Pass (Your Anchor)
  2. Fire Trail
  3. Choir Practice
  4. Doomed Elephants
  5. Locked Upstairs
  6. Last November
  7. Ask Permission
  8. You Can
  9. Vacant Eyes
  10. Fake Empire