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Laguna Meth - Laguna The Puma

Laguna Meth, Laguna The Puma

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

LAGUNA Meth’s Laguna The Puma is a journey through the head of Michael Meth’s mind. In his own words, it’s his take on what classic ego-free rock ‘n’ roll sounds like.

A traveller at heart, Laguna Meth doesn’t stay in one place for very long, and has taken years to pore over the creation of “a singular piece of honest rock ‘n’ roll” that embodies many classic traits. Most notable, however, is the way in which the record emerges as a fitting companion piece to any road journey.

Tripped out, occasionally psychedelic, and packed with some memorable guitar-work, Laguna The Puma is like a cross between Beck at his most future-folksy and The Flaming Lips at their most expansive – not to mention The Dandy Warhols at their most laidback and elusive, or even The Jesus & Mary Chain. And there’s plenty of ’70s thrown in.

Sometimes, Michael gets a little caught up in his own weirdness and both the song names and some of the lyrics feel like he’s taken one meth trip too many (witness Nuclear Snowcone or the seven minute plus Lucifer O.

But there’s no denying that even those songs demonstrate a keen ear for classic rock sensibilities and a deliciously laidback style that keeps you listening and wanting to hear more.

Highlights include album opener Nuclear Snowcone, the breezily upbeat Stud Boy, the epic Lucifer O with its persuasive percussion and swirling synths, the “ooh ho ooh” laden Scarlette Billy that’s delivered in a sweeping falsetto, and the slacker classic-in-waiting Trippin’.

Sunday Morning is also a two minute belter, thanks to its naughty central refrain of “everybody loves acid on Sunday morning” – you can virtually imagine it being picked up to accompany the soundtrack of some drug movie.

Laguna Meth has been signed to Island Records and his latest offering is available through download only – but don’t bet against hearing more from him as we prepare to enter 2008 and he takes the many delights of Laguna The Puma on the road. He’s sure to win plenty of fans, particularly on the festival circuit. So don’t say we didn’t prepare you!

Download picks: Sunday Morning, Nuclear Snowcone, Stud Boy, Lucifer O, Trippin, Scarlette/Billy

Track listing:

  1. Nuclear Snowcone
  2. Stud Boy
  3. Mickey Maus
  4. Lucifer O
  5. Scarlette/Billy
  6. Laguna Meth
  7. Crazy Like The Werewolf
  8. Sugar Shack
  9. Trippin
  10. Sunday Morning
  11. Dead Dude From Def Leppard
  12. Children Of The Garden Unicorn

  1. Go, Michael! Congratulations – the world will now know what we’ve known for so long about your talents.
    Aunt Pam

    Pamela Leeds    Dec 16    #