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Lana - London-based singer makes jazz sexy again


Feature by Jack Foley

LANA claims to be making jazz sexy again – and anyone that hears her forthcoming single Don’t Call Me Baby may understand why.

The talented London-based singer manages to fuse some of her classic influences with a great pop sound that’s capable of widespread appeal.

Don’t Call Me Baby brings out Lana’s Latin vibrancy and blends it with a distinctly radio-friendly edge.

Having half her heart resting in Spanish territory, she sings a beautiful version of it in Spanish.

But her sultry tones then turn ultra husky on Liar Liar, another gem, while a Dean James remix of Don’t Call Me Baby is a real groove treat that’s just right for a ripe dancefloor.

Who is Lana?

Lana was introduced to singing by her 90-year-old gran, who encouraged her to bring out the best in her celestial voice. For years she then sung to herself and composed for herself and her gran and immediate family were the only people to hear her blossoming talent.

By her own admission, her tender years meant she was too shy to let herself loose on the world.

But then one day a seminal moment arrived. Strumming a guitar on a summer evening, an open window finally let the outside world hear her voice for the first time, and within minutes neighbours were alerterted and Lana had played her fist gig to around 20 people, consisting of family and neighbours, in the garden below!

Gaining confidence from that appreciative audience, she decided enough was enough and battled the trembles in a bid to sing to the world.

Since being let loose on London, she has barely had time to look back, joining drum ‘n’ bass outfit Virtigo, backing up jazz diva Fiona Renshaw and still managing to tour with the Bluefoot Project and jazz/hip hop collective Thelonious.

Not only that, but Lana dips in and out of various other projects, making a quick stop at Glastonbury, Ronnie Scott’s and the Jazz Café when duty calls.

With a mental archive stocked full of years worth of Tom Waits, Aretha Franklin, Ike and Tina, Janis Joplin, Ella, Nina, Sarah Vaughn, a bit of Neil Young, Beatles, Elvis and rock n roll, Lana keeps on writing inspired by the tunes of days gone by.

You can catch Lana performing her songs solo and with band, offering original music that supplies smiles and toe taps to the jazz standard, in and around London over the coming weeks and months. Trust us, she’s well worth finding the time to go and see!

Forthcoming tour dates are as follows…

Sept 18 – The Luminaire, Kilburn
Oct 30 – Monkey Chews, Camden
Nov 2 – World’s End, Finsbury Park

Alternatively, listen to Lana at her myspace website