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Langhorne Slim - Be Set Free

Langhorne Slim, Be Set Free

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

BE Set Free is described as Langhorne Slim’s most cinematic and cohesive effort to date… it’s certainly one of his most appealing.

Boasting a keen mix of lush string arrangements, country and folk elements, and a nice balance between the bittersweet and the upbeat, it’s a very endearing collection of songs that mark a major success.

Lyrically, the album takes you on a journey marked by a broken hearted singer battling the perils of true hope, and this is never better exemplified than in the charming I Love You, But Goodbye… a song dripping in melancholy (“a bird with clipped wings can still sing but no longer fly”), and yet a sense of hope.

Not that the album draws too heavily on melancholy – songs like the melodic Say Yes are an ode to positivity designed to put a smile on your face, while Cinderella is a foot-stomping crowd-pleaser that boasts some piano chords Jerry Lee Lewis would be proud to call his own.

Throughout, however, Langhorne Slim and company keep a sharp focus on the storytelling values that mark so much of their work, ensuring that the listener is taken on an emotionally resonant journey with them.

Instrumentally, meanwhile, it’s very layered… from those strings and guitar arrangements, to piano, drums and glockenspiel. It’s all there, offering a diverse, eclectic listen to boot.

Further highlights come in the form of Sunday By The Sea, Leaving My Love and the breezy Yer Wrong. All in all, then, a rich and often rewarding listen.

Download picks: Cinderella, Say Yes, I Love You, But Goodbye, Yer Wrong, Sunday By The Sea, Leaving My Love

Track listing:

  1. Back To The Wild
  2. Say Yes
  3. I Love You, But Goodbye
  4. Land of Dreams
  5. Cinderella
  6. Be Set Free
  7. For A Little While
  8. Sunday By The Sea
  9. Leaving My Love
  10. Yer Wrong
  11. Blown Your Mind
  12. So Glad That I’m Coming Home
  13. Boots Boy