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Laura Izibor - Let The Truth Be Told

Laura Izibor, Let The Truth Be Told

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2.5 out of 5

BORN and raised in Dublin, piano-playing 21-year-old Laura Izibor began working on her debut LP at 17, subsequently recording Let The Truth Be Told over the course of four years in a diverse range of cities: New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Dublin among them.

The result is fairly diverse in scope, ranging from the breezy sunshine pop of Shine – a former single – to dreamy love laments such as If Tonight Is My Last and the gospel-infused Mmm.

The album certainly confirms that Izibor possesses a great set of vocals and is appealing in some ways. But in others it feels like it’s playing things a little too safe. It’s all polished, radio-friendly and likeable – but there aren’t too many tracks that really stand out and grab you.

Shine is catchy and soundtrack friendly, while recent offering Don’t Stay is angst-ridden, earnest and deeply soulful. Izibor delivers each song with a passion that’s hard to deny, but there’s something missing.

According to the performer, her vision for the album was clear. She explains: “I’ve written this album because it’s my truth. It’s a sincere record and it has a feel of survival in it as well.”

That sincerity, though, threatens to smother tracks like If Tonight Is My Last, which feel a little too serious (complete with references to angels), and album closer Mmm, which feels like it’s drawing on gospel because it’s the current trend. It doesn’t really bring anything extra to the song.

What Would You Do is an example of the way Izibor can stretch her vocals, but again the sombre piano backing and moody beats showcase an artist who is very serious and could do with a little lightening up at times.

Having got off to such a poppy start with Shine, you have to wait until the breezy From My Heart To Yours before you can really bounce around the living room again.

But you’re then immediately back to the serious stuff, with Perfect World unfolding amid swirling strings, and the moody The Worst Is Over offering more soulful insight into heartbreak and giving up heart, body and soul for nothing. At a time when people are looking for escapism, this is perhaps a little too serious for its own good.

Izibor is undoubtedly a talent, but she needs to loosen up a little come the sophomore album.

Download picks: Shine, From My Heart To Yours

Track listing:

  1. Shine
  2. Don’t Stay
  3. If Tonight Is My Last
  4. What Would You Do
  5. From My Heart To Yours
  6. Perfect World
  7. The Worst Is Over
  8. Yes (I’ll Be Your Baby)
  9. I Don’t Want You Back
  10. Mmm…