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Lazy B - Lazy B TV

Lazy B - Lazy B TV

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 5 out of 5

THE term genius is occasionally thrown around a little too easily – but Lazy-B comes pretty close to fitting that description.

A self-consciously mysterious creative visionary from another country (America), Lazy-B is a unique project that adopts Mylo-style dance inventions and places them beneath Michael Moore-style narrative that contains powerful, whimsical and often fun socio-political observations and messages.

It’s designed as an album to the people of today, from a person of today and revels in its ability to capture the absurdities of modern life – whether relationship-based, political, economic or material.

Essentially a spoken word monologue, the album is always outspoken, often controversial but almost always spot-on in the points it is making.

Hence, some will undoubtedly dismiss it as being too clever for its own good, pretentious and a novelty record destined for hear today/gone tomorrow status, but most ought to recognise and appreciate it for what it is – a record that taps into what it means to be human today that revels in all of the insecurities, nuances and decisions/problems we face.

Lazy-B could even be the mouthpiece of a generation – saying the things we already think, while providing us with some useful facts about life, love and the world as a whole.

Some of the accompanying back beats may be a little too mainstream for certain tastes but the majority somehow seem to span genres, so that they’re just as capable of appealing to listeners of Radio 1 and Kiss FM as they are Capital and Xfm.

Little wonder, then, to find the track was a firm favourite among Pete Tong listeners are he discovered the track Underwear Goes Inside The Pants and was also among the most requested on Xfm’s Eddie Temple Morris show.

Thankfully, it’s not a one track wonder. The album hooks you in from second track Facts of Life, with its lazy, enjoyable beat, quick facts on life and sassy female vocals that proclaim: “This is who we are, this is what we do, the bare facts of the life we live.”

Those facts include the following: The average person swallows eight spiders in a year; Elvis was originally blonde; the average erect penis is 5.2inches long and 4.2 circumcised; 20% of all females have had at least one homosexual experience; 22% a pizza will arrive faster than an ambulance in Great Britain; a giraffe can clean its ears with its tongue;

Donald Duck was banned in Finland because he doesn’t wear pants, and more people die from champagne corks popping than from poisonous spiders.

Next track Inhale Positivity is actually constructed around one of the cheesiest beats on the album but extols the virtues of positive thinking and is worth embracing, while This Is The Truth features another fine beat and some more pearls of wisdom such “you don’t win silver, you lose gold” and “we are born naked, wet and hungry – then things get worse”.

Underwear Goes Inside The Pants references the war on terror, as well as drugs and homelessness – making salient, outspoken comments on each, such as “terrorist masterminds – they’re not masterminds: ‘you take bomb right, you put in back pack and get on a bus and blow yourself up’!” Or: “Americans have been a spolt country for a long time – you know what the No.1 health risk in America is? Obesity”

On numerous occasions, you’ll find yourself laughing while nodding in agreement at what he has to say – you’ll even probably be stating, “he can’t say that, can he?”

Lazy-B does and he doesn’t apologise for it. Life is absurd and he revels in it.

Further highlights include Man Woman, a fun boy-girl vocal trade-off that unfolds like a witty battle of the sexes with choice observations such as, “if you want to learn more about women, watch Sex & The City, if you want to learn more about men, take a good look at Homer Simpson”. Or: “A successful man is one who can earn more than his wife can spend; a successful woman is one who can find one of those men!”

Final track It’s all About Love is an ode to love that ends the album on a deservedly positive note. Given how much of what it has to say, Lazy-B is genuinely worth hearing. Don’t miss out on one of the albums of the year.

Word up for the Lazy Boy – this is genius! And remember: “Humans and dolphins are the only species that have sex for pleasure.”

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Track listing:

  1. Are You Qualified
  2. Facts Of Life
  3. Inhale Positivity
  4. This Is The Truth
  5. Underwear Goes Inside The Pants
  6. Man Woman (Yin And Yang)
  7. Desiderata
  8. We Only Read The Headlines
  9. Manual (Chapter 4)
  10. It’s All About Love