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LazyB - Do you consider yourself ready for life...?

Lazy B - Lazy B TV

Feature by Jack Foley

AS CHILDREN, we’re taught that honesty is the best policy. Don’t tell lies, don’t make up stories, cross your heart and hope to die…

As adults, we strike a more selective stance – whatever it takes to get ahead, to turn a buck, to scale the ladder. Gradually, as if by osmosis, our values adjust, and the rules we live and breathe by are ever more prone to change…

So what happens? What becomes of The Truth? Who steals it from us, and can we get it back, please…?

41 per cent of all people take people with curly hair less seriously…

LazyBtv, the debut album from LAZYB, is a marriage of words and music unlike any other – blurring the line between fiction and fact, and touching on everything from the rolling of joints to the swallowing of spiders, from Elvis to eskimos, from boy scouts to Cliff Richard, from the length of the penis to the length of Danny Devito, and a great deal more besides… much of it available in five different languages.

It’s produced by Johnny Douglas (George Michael, Kylie Minogue, etc.) and Soren Rasted (Aqua, Little Devil)and mixed by the celebrated Ren Swan (Enrique Iglesias, Tom Jones, etc.), with the involvement of singer Andrea Grant (who has previously worked with The Who’s Roger Daltrey amongst others), New York comic Greg Geraldo (a regular on the David Letterman & Conan O’Brien shows).

The 11-track body of work – part help-line, part life coach, part agony aunt, part pool of knowledge (complete with deep and shallow end, both unmarked) and 100 per cent LAZYB – is difficult to tag in a single phrase, although ‘Rhythm‘n’Speak’, after much late-night debate, seems to fit the mark best.

Certainly, it neatly sums up first single/video Facts Of Life(“Only one book has been printed in more copies than The Bible – the Ikea catalogue… more people die from a champagne cork popping than poison spiders”, etc.), the promo for which has recently been put together by fast-rising Icelandic company Ingen Frygt (No Fear).

Packed full of tips and tunes, hooks and headlines, sound-bites and sayings, insight and instruction, all craftily mixed together and topped off with a healthy frosting of humour (including a host of memorable observations from Geraldo), there is much on display here that will strike a resounding chord with truth-seekers everywhere… especially those happier to break with convention than follow the beaten path.

Sure, you can trot around the globe in search of The Answer, setting up camp atop the mountains of Tibet or consulting with bearded mystics in the temples of the Orient; you can bend a knee before any number of deities in any number of continents, be it Buddah, Mohammed, Jesus or Jehovah, and still be no closer to understanding the recipe, or even sourcing the right ingredients.

Or alternatively, you can put the passport back in the draw, plant yourself firmly in your favourite armchair, open your mind (and p’rhaps a cold drink on the side), and allow the wisdom of the world to wend its way to you – to stack up at your slippered feet along with the papers, the pizzas and the Indian takeaways.

And why not?

After all, The Truth – that’s the plain and simple variety – is as likely to be on your doorstep as anywhere else; as likely to be covered in brown paper as decked out with ribbons and fancy bows; as likely to be spoken by a passer by with a soapbox as a politician with an agenda.

The throwaway phrase, the (seemingly) trivial act, who’s to say there isn’t more inherent sense in these than a folder full of stats or the traditional flash from the heavens?

What’s insignificant to one person may be rich in meaning for another, the key to health, wealth and lifelong libido, so best to take this on board, keep a close eye on the context, and give an extra-wide berth to those wannabe gurus who claim to have the answers – even some of the answers; it’s knowing which questions to ask that really matters, and LazyBtv (as well as entertaining on a purely musical level – and a cyber level too at certainly throws up many of those…

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