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Les Jupes - Modern Myths

Les Jupes, Modern Myths

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

CANADIAN trio Les Jupes have delivered a highly enjoyable album in Modern Myths and one that will reward those who seek it out.

Recorded over a year and a half when Montreal producer/engineer Marcus Paquin (frontman of Last Gang’s Silver Starling) found time from working on Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs, it’s an eclectic listen that’s both intimate and pounding.

Throughout, Michael Petkau Falk’s baritone vocals provide an endearing accompaniment – rising to the album’s liveliest occasions, while offering something brooding and/or thoughtful during its quieter ones.

They also deliver one outstanding moment in One Solemn Oath, a slow burning offering that features a fantastically laidback beat, some brooding guitar riffs and a vibe not dissimilar from Snow Patrol at their finest.

The lyrics, too, are observent and thought-provoking… evidence of the band’s strong songwriting qualities. It’s a true 5 out of 5 moment.

If the remainder of the songs can’t quite measure up, there are still plenty of moments to savour.

Opening track Myth #3 (The Mountain) opens amid a wave of distorted guitars before hitting you with a gruff vocal and a mounting intensity that proves compelling, while Mathematics is a pure slice of melodic rock ‘n’ roll that marks the LP at its most radio friendly and catchy. Doubtless, you’ll be singing along to the chorus of “mathematics is the universal language”.

Elsewhere, there’s a beautifully melancholy blend of guitars and piano on A Caveman Returns Home To Find The Fire Has Gone Out… a heartbreaking song in itself if you listen to it properly.

And a haunted romanticism surrounding the atmospheric, slow-burning Last Dance.

But then Les Jupes don’t shy away from ambitious lyricism either, with songs covering a broad range of themes from Nikita Khruschev, Stalin’s Ukranian heir and cold-war architect, depression and eating disorders, suicide, Chicago and people who take things too seriously.

Not that some of these weightier issues give rise to a depressing listen… far from it! The album is compulsive, occasionally rocky but always interesting even during songs that perhaps don’t satisfy as much as the LP’s finest efforts.

It’s a damn fine effort, in fact, from a band that look set to become one of Canada’s most intriguing and complex acts.

Download picks: Myth #3 (The Mountain), One Solemn Oath, Mathematics, Last Dance, A Caveman Returns Home To Find The Fire Has Gone Out, Awake, My Ghost!

Track listing:

  1. Myth #3 (The Mountain)
  2. One Solemn Oath
  3. Someone Lit A Fire Under Khrushchev
  4. A Caveman Returns Home To Find The Fire Has Gone Out
  5. This Place Owes Us
  6. Mathematics
  7. Last Dance
  8. Myth #7 (Honour)
  9. How Do You Keep This All In Line?
  10. Awake, My Ghost!