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Let's Say We Did - Hello Creatures (Review)

Let's Say We Did, Into Wherever

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

HAVING impressed with their recent single Goodbye!, Stockholm’s Let’s Say We Did now deliver their latest album, Hello Creatures, and continue to endear.

Here we have explosive guitars, embellished pop harmonies and droning melancholy mixed and filtered through a cloud of distortion to help enhance the band’s lo-fi aesthetic.

If Goodbye! remains one of the standouts, there’s still plenty to savour even if the album stops short of blowing you away.

Hence, album opener Into Whenever opens with a gutsy guitar and bubbles away atmospherically in a way that Jesus & Mary Chain would be proud of and Hey Kid taps into a more ambient sound that has a very laidback, almost trippy tendency.

That laidback vibe returns on Sound Asleep, which is perhaps a little too dozey for its own good (and evidence of Let’s Say We Did’s less accessible brand of lo-fi).

But they pick up the pace nicely on the epic I Was There Too, which boasts some of the album’s best guitar work and the type of vibe that could well accompany a summer drive down some picturesque coastal route. Sebastian Fors’ vocals are particularly strong here and embellished by layered harmonies.

The power the band is capable of is evident again on Seemingly Unfit, which pile-drives along (still in lo-fi fashion) to agreeable effect, although Boogey Den rounds things off in even more breezy fashion and ensures you depart suitably impressed.

Hello Creatures may not spark at all times but there’s enough here to impress, especially if you were a fan of that lead single.

Download picks: Goodbye!, Hey Kid, I Was There Too, Boogey Den

Track listing:

  1. Into Wherever
  2. Hey Kid
  3. Goodbye!
  4. Sound Asleep
  5. I Was There Too
  6. The Stars Above Looked So Bright & Green
  7. Seemingly Unfit
  8. Boogey Den