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Little Comets - Hope Is Just A State of Mind (Review)

Little Comets, Hope Is Just A State of Mind

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

FOLLOWING a trilogy of EPs released over the past year, Little Comets now deliver their third full album, Hope Is Just A State of Mind and just about impress.

First and foremost, the band have retained their unique independent style by crafting an album that wears its heart and its aspirations on its sleeve. As a band, they’re not about following trends but treading their own path and this creates a sound that is distinct to themselves but mostly likeable.

Just occasionally, there’s a sense that they are perhaps a little too trapped in their ways as certain tracks struggle to take flight (such as The Daily Grind, a piano based offering that meanders and underwhelms) or threaten to sound too much the same.

But even then, there’s usually something spectacular waiting in the wings… either midway through the song or with the track that follows.

Hence, when the album gets the formula right, it’s an exciting listen and an ambitious one, especially when stretching the boundaries of their DIY sound.

Salt, for instance, has an insistent rhythm section that almost feels African influenced. It also comes with a livewire vocal performance from Robert Coles that injects a certain kind of urgency, until breaking down midway through for a mellower form of delivery that’s disarming.

Effetism, meanwhile, starts out with a cute guitar hook and a background harmony that could be said to be influenced by Fleetwood Mac, before changing pace into harder indie rock territory around the two minute mark and really coming alive. The guitar hook is one of the album’s best and closes out the track in real style.

If the track that follows, Wherewithal, seems to be almost repeating the same kind of formula, it’s also enlivened by some striking guitar work, while Fundamental Little Things boasts one of the LP’s very best guitar solos and thrills in spite of its downbeat lyrics. It’s almost comparable to The Kooks late on.

Earlier highlights come in the form of Formula, which is shot through with catchy hooks and melodies, The Gift of Sound, which boasts one of the best choruses, and Little Italy, which combines smart, rapidly delivered lyricism with yet more engaging melodicism and guitar work.

Given that it hits much more than it misses, Little Comets deserve to be applauded for yet another album success.

Download picks: The Gift of Sound, Formula, Effetism, Fundamental Little Things, Little Italy

Listen to B&B

Listen to Effetism

Track listing:

  1. My Boy William
  2. B & B
  3. The Gift of Sound
  4. Formula
  5. Little Italy
  6. The Daily Grind
  7. Salt
  8. Effetism
  9. Wherewithal
  10. Fundamental Little Things
  11. Don’t Fool Yourself
  12. The Blur, the Line & the Thickest of Onions