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Little Comets - Life Is Elsewhere (Review)

Little Comets, Life Is Elsewhere

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

THE sophomore album from Little Comets is a shot of upbeat indie-pop that continues to enhance their reputation as one of Britain’s brightest new bands.

Tapping into a more vibrant, even calypso tinged sound this time around, Life Is Elsewhere succeeds in coming up with some genuinely endearing instrumental arrangements, most of which build towards some sort of euphoric chorus.

Late on, they also tap into a more brooding and serious side that underlines diversity too.

The standard is set from the opening moments of A Little Opus, which combine shimmering guitar licks with giddy hand-clap beats and a fantastic chorus. It’s a nice ray of musical sunshine for these cold autumnal mornings.

Tense/Empty has some equally addictive drum patterns that actually owe more to Graceland era Paul Simon than indie-pop, while Jennifer is a break-up anthem that somehow sounds like a track about falling in love (given its upbeat delivery and deliciously layered vocals). It’s utterly addictive.

If those tracks alone aren’t enough to tell you you’re in for a good time, then Bayonne slows down the tempo slightly but maintains the brightness and hits you with another winner of a chorus.

And Waiting In The Shadows Of The Dead of Night drops another of the album’s killer choruses, once again emerging from the despair of its angsty lyrics victoriously.

Elsewhere, there’s a bluesy vibe attached to the album’s darkest moment, the show-stopper that is Violence Out Tonight, and its examination of the repercussions of rape.

If you think Little Comets are just about having a good time, then this is something to stop you in your tracks and make you think again.

Semaphores On The Lawn, too, has a moodiness about it that’s ear-catching, while album closers Woman Woman (another bluesy, angsty moment that hits home emotionally) and In Blue Music We Trust draw things to a close in equally striking fashion.

But then Little Comets rarely put a foot wrong on this new offering. They deserve to bask in a very fine critical glow and win a whole new legion of fans.

Download picks: A Little Opus, Tense/Empty, Jennifer, Waiting In The Shadows Of The Dead of Night, Violence Out Tonight, Woman Woman

Listen to Violence Out Tonight

Track listing:

  1. A Little Opus
  2. Tense/Empty
  3. Jennifer
  4. Bayonne
  5. Waiting In The Shadows Of The Dead of Night
  6. Violence Out Tonight
  7. The Western Boy
  8. Worry
  9. Semaphores On The Lawn
  10. W-O-E
  11. Woman Woman
  12. In Blue Music We Trust