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Live Earth: Download Terra Naomi track

Terra Naomi

Story by Jack Foley

TERRA Naomi has just released a free track to download via her Myspace profile in support of the Live Earth concerts organised by Al Gore.

Terra’s appearance at Live Earth London is down to a bit of mutual respect between her and Gore.

She wrote current single, the anti-global warming anthem Say It’s Possible after seeing Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth and he, liking the tune and its message, requested her to be part of the Live Earth bill.

She will be joining a stellar cast including the likes of Madonna, Beastie Boys and Bloc Party at the Wembley Stadium event, appearing at around 6.35pm.

From this morning (Saturday), you’ll be able to download a free track from Terra’s Myspace profile

Terra Naomi came to prominence via the international YouTube community where she broadcast her own “virtual” summer tour during the summer of 2006.

The programme included live performances from her apartment in Hollywood and question-answer sessions entitled “Ask a Wanna-be Rockstar”.

The video to her song, Say It’s Possible, is directed by Jonathan Bird and was featured on YouTube in December 2006, causing an instant explosion of interest.

It has subsequently inspired fans to post over 100 personal “YouTube covers” in a wide range of styles and caught the attention of Al Gore.

  1. Love her!

    Ricky Howard    Jul 18    #