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Live Earth London: Duran Duran belt out hits

Duran Duran

Review by Jack Foley

JUST one week after playing a three song set at the Concert For Diana, Duran Duran returned to the Wembley stage to support Al Gore’s Live Earth event.

Simon Le Bon, John Taylor and co followed a rousing – and foul mouthed – set by the Black Eyed Peas and immediately succeeded in getting the crowd going.

The first track was perhaps an obvious choice given the theme of the day – Planet Earth – one of their earliest hits. It was thrillingly delivered and succeeded in providing a reminder (if one were needed) of what a great band they are (especially live).

The second track was the anthemic and sweeping Ordinary World, a song Le Bon described as being about “trying to find something very ordinary in a mixed up place”.

He added that it was written at a time when he had needed to sort out the mess inside of himself [following the death of a close friend] before contemplating anything wider. But he inferred that people could start to save the planet by looking at themselves and how they go about recycling and cutting down on emissions.

The song itself was brilliantly delivered, especially during the moments that showcased the classic acoustic guitar riff that makes it so memorable and enduring.

Next track Notorious went on a bit amid some diversions, the odd “boom shak-a-lacka” and an impromptu bout of “I wanna take you higher”.

But things got back on track with a rousing version of Girls On Film, which was ushered in amid a flurry of photographic clicks and more message-reiteration.

Indeed, Le Bon pointedly noted mid-track: “Coming here isn’t enough to get what’s gotta be done, done.” Before delivering an anthemic burst of “we’ve gotta start to change” that he encouraged the crowd to sing along with.

It was a suitably upbeat set from a band who know how to entertain…

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What did you think?

  1. After watching this set, it’s no wonder they still are the BEST BAND around. Even after 26 year’s they still have it. A proper band that can actually play & sing (not mime) their song’s - which is very rare these days. I just can’t wait for DURAN DURAN’s next tour i’ll definetly be there!!

    MAC KHAN    Jul 8    #
  2. The set was certainly one of the highlights in a line-up that didn't include enough heavyweight musicans. The energy Duran Duran create live is something special.

    Martin Phillips    Jul 15    #