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Living Things - Ahead of the Lions

Living Things, Ahead of the Lions

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

US ROCKERS The Living Things release their eagerly-anticipated album Ahead of the Lions in unashamedly political fashion.

The band – comprised of Berlin siblings Lillian, Bosh and Eve, as well as Corey Becker – are very hard-hitting politically, yet deliver their message in a raw, catchy style.

The result is an album that drifts between the low, scuzzy beats of early Ramones and the psychedelic rock of Jesus & Mary Chain/Dandy Warhols to heavier hitters such as Queens of the Stone Age.

Undoubtedly, it works best when keeping things catchy, such as the defiantly political lead single Bom Bom Bom, which includes such choice lyrics as ‘we’re going to wake this city tonight, watch it burn into the twilight’, as well as ‘shipped off, ready to die’.

It makes its points in hard-hitting fashion yet contains plenty of catchy hooks that are sure to lend it a cult appeal.

New Year is a similarly robust effort, containing some neat guitar hooks and a laidback style that rings out the most of Lillian’s husky vocal style. The chorus is a real grower, complete with excellent guitar flourishes.

The rest of the album draws on political frustrations, personal struggles and a wealth of experiences, such as Lillian being shot at twice after a show in Dallas, Texas.

It is a deliberately raw, up front and antagonistic record that is designed to reflect the mood of post 9/11 Bush-era America.

Of the heavier stuff, God Made Hate drips with menace and contains some crunching riffs, while No New Jesus is a straight ahead power rocker that contains an incessant guitar hook.

March In Daylight unfolds a contemporary Nirvana, while Monsters of Man is both angular and edgy in the extreme.

But as previously stated, the album works best when keeping it light (musically), such as the excellent Keep It Til You Fold and the brooding I Wish The Best For You, which helps to bring things to a close in typically defiant fashion.

For those who like their rock music to have plenty to say, The Living Things deliver the goods in spades.

Track listing:

  1. Bombs Below
  2. I Owe
  3. Bom Bom Bom
  4. New Year
  5. No New Jesus
  6. Monsters Of Man
  7. End Gospel
  8. God Made Hate
  9. On All Fours
  10. Keep It Till You Fold
  11. Born Under The Gun
  12. March In Daylight