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Lizzyspit - Eggbox

Lizzyspit, Eggbox

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

LIZZYSPIT is a singer/songwriter based in Clapham, London, who boasts an unmistakable charm and innocence – as well as the support of Radio 1’s Steve Lamacq!

Her music is based around her stunning, delicate and pleading voice, which she accompanies with nothing more than an acoustic guitar.

Sound boring? Well, it’s not. Her debut album Eggbox is an utterly charming collection of songs that are full of honesty, sincerity and observations on life’s harsh realities and her own experiences with people and life.

As she states herself: “To the boys and girls who have hurt me and the boys and girls I’ve hurt, without you my songs wouldn’t exist.”

Written, performed and mixed by Lizzy herself, locked away like a hermit in an egg boxed bedroom (hence the title!), there’s not really a bad song on the album. Yes, it’s raw, stripped back stuff – but there’s a tranquility to Lizzy’s voice that makes her appealing to listen to, while the acoustic backdrop is lush and often quite positive.

Lamacq’s favourite Laura’s Diary, for instance, contains the sort of hooks that have made a household name of Jack Johnson, complete with a percussion provided by Lizzy’s hand on the wood of the guitar. It’s melodic, heartfelt and really endearing.

Another highlight, I Don’t Need A Drummer, contains a really delicious guitar lick that’s every bit as effective as the drummer she defiantly says she doesn’t need. The song itself offers an insight into her appealing sense of humour, while the chorus (“isn’t it a shame, isn’t it a shame, you’re not doing what you want to?”) is cheeky and catchy.

Jack Of All Trades has a happy-go-lucky quality about its breezy acoustic riffs, while the background whistle that accompanies Little Dan is both another nice touch – simple but effective – and evidence of the way in which Lizzy constantly embellishes her sound.

Title track Eggbox, meanwhile, is gentle, warm and the sort of song that makes you want to put a comforting arm around her. Just occasionally, vocally she’s reminiscent of Lily Allen. But if that comparison helps to get her more noticed, then it’s thoroughly deserved.

Lizzyspit is very much her own woman and she deserves to find a massive following. Though it’s name serves as an apt metaphor for the delicacy of her songwriting, Eggbox deserves to be a massive smash for this talented London artist.

Download picks: Jack Of All Trades, Eggbox, Laura’s Diary, I Don’t Need A Drummer, Little Dan

Track listing:

  1. Not After This
  2. Jack Of All Trades
  3. I Don’t Need A Drummer
  4. Little Dan
  5. Rollercoaster
  6. Eggbox
  7. Another Word For A Lie
  8. Laura’s Diary
  9. Stars In The Water
  10. World’s Apart