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LMFAO – Sorry For Party Rocking

LMFAO, Sorry For Party Rocking

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

LMFAO – aka ‘Laughing My F**king Arse Off- are LA duo Skyler (aka Skyblu) and his grandson Stefan Gordy (aka Redfoo) and they’re rapidly becoming renowned for vapid dance tunes mixed with hip hop.

Their previous hits include I’m In Miami Bitch (now the sound bed for The Only Way Is Essex) and the David Guetta/Fergie collaboration Getting Over You. And their aim seems to be solely to entertain the dance masses with euphoric party anthems designed to get those bodies shaking all over the super-club dance-floors.

As a result, their material has a samey quality that quickly becomes tiresome… and that’s in spite of some high profile collaborations from the likes of Natalia Kills, Busta Rhymes, Calvin Harris and Will.i.Am.

That means virtually every track is rooted in hard house and hip-hop, with the rapped lyrics occasionally merging with sung choruses, over euphoric synths and cheesy beats.

Clubbers will doubtless rave to its familiar rhythms and throw-away sentiments, while the odd track displays breakout potential and chart appeal (Will.i.Am collaboration Best Day and funky Sexy And I Know It being two examples).

But LMFAO are an extremely vapid act and their formulaic dance-rap shows little invention or diversity, making it one long listen that ultimately becomes soulless and forgettable.

Even Best Night, which also features Goonrock and Eva Simons, outstays its welcome and is rammed full of cheesy sentiments such as “let’s make it last forever” and “this is the best night of my life”.

Other offerings, meanwhile, are sexist and borderline misogynistic, with the onerous Put That A$$ To Work commanding “sexy girls, all around the world, just shake your hips and put that ass to work” and doubtless having one eye on landing a prime spot on a Fast & Furious-style soundtrack.

The Busta Rhymes featuring Take It To The Hole is little better, while super-club anthem I’m In Miami Bitch is similarly derisory, declaring: “I’m in Miami bitch” over and over, as well as: “Put that ass up!”

Where they do occasionally offer limited appeal is on the more dance-worthy, less sexist pop-dance anthems, such as the lively All Night Long, which riffs on Lionel Ritchie and features Lisa, and the radio friendly One Day, which drops vocoder-laden vocals and just about gets away with it.

But then guilty pleasure factor aside, LMFAO have hit upon their own formula for success and seem content to ride it for all its worth. Fans get what they deserve with this one.

Download picks: Sexy And I Know It, One Day, All Night Long

Track listing:

  1. Rock The Beat II
  2. Sorry For Party Rocking
  3. Party Rock Anthem (feat Lauren Bennett and Goonrock)
  4. Sexy And I Know It
  5. Champagne Showers (feat Natalia Kills)?
  6. One Day
  7. Put That A$$ To Work
  8. Take It To The Hole feat Busta Rhymes
  9. We Came Here To Party (feat Goonrock)
  10. Reminds Me Of You (feat Calvin Harris)
  11. Best Night (feat Will.i.Am and Goonrock and Eva Simons)
  12. All Night Long (feat Lisa)
  13. With You
  14. Hot Dog
  15. I’m In Miami Bitch
  16. Shots (feat Lil Jon)