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Louise Felden & Derek Nash: Caught live at The 606 Club

Louise Felden

Review by Marcela Olivares

A little Jazz to liven up the week…

Being still relatively new to London I have yet to learn where to catch some good quality live music and was thrilled to find some last week!

Even though I’m not much of a music connoisseur, I do distinctively know what I enjoy… so, having enjoyed what I heard last Thursday (October 26, 2006), I figured I’d share them with you.

Myself and a friend were at The 606 Club in Chelsea and there were two different acts (as is often the case at this venue).

The first show was an up-and-coming singer, Louise Fielden. But she definitely knows how to sing and sounded terrific!

Drawing from an excellent selection of Jazz classics (Someone To Watch Over Me), popular covers (Wonderwall) and Gospel tunes (You’ve Got A Friend) she really demonstrated her talents.

Unfortunately, her set was too short (just 7 tracks) as we would have loved to have heard more!

As great a show as Louise put on, one cannot forget the band… Peter Hammond (piano), Adam Riley (drums), Duncan Eagles (sax) and Rob Sathan (bass) really made it all come together in what seemed to be an effortless fashion.

The second act of the evening was the wonderful Derek Nash, an award-winning saxophone player with numerous venues under his belt.

Listening to his music transports you to a place where you forget all your woes and focus on the music and what it makes you feel –in my case, utter relaxation and enjoyment.

Unfortunately, in spite of my enjoyment of the evening, I had to get home before I turned into a pumpkin so ended up leaving before the show was over – but I’ll tell you what, I’m looking forward to the next experience!

Before I wrap up, I’d like to tell you about the venue itself. It turns out to be this one really dubious entrance on the street where you have to press a button to be let in, then go through a steel gate and downstairs – it’s almost an adventure on its own!

Once you’re inside, however, it has a great atmosphere – very laidback, with a good wine list and great service. I hear the food is great but all I had was an appetizer (which was really good).

All in all, an extraordinary evening that I will certainly repeat in the future –though I doubt I will be lucky enough to get Louise and Derek on the same night again.