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LoveLikeFire - Tear Ourselves Away

LoveLikeFire, Tear Ourselves Away

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

SAN Francisco based outfit LoveLikeFire expode onto the scene in spectacular fashion with rousing debut album, Tear Ourselves Away… and it’s an absolute belter.

Fronted by Ann Yu, an artist who was originally trained as a classical violinist, LoveLikeFire deliver art-rock anthems that rival the dynamic of The Killers with the artistry of bands such as Arcade Fire and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Tear Ourselves Away is alive with energy, stirring layered guitars and feisty female vocals that empower, inspire and generally sweep you off your feet.

We first happened across the band when they dropped the incendiary Stand In Your Shoes, a headrush of a single that boasted thrilling guitar layers, take-notice vocals and one of the kick-arse choruses of the year. Needless to say, it remains one of the LP’s standouts.

But there’s plenty more to admire and it’s great to be able to report that LoveLikeFire are far more than just one-hit wonders.

Boredom combines a foot-stomping beat with some lush guitar licks and a keen sense of defiance as Yu reflects on a youth forced to concentrate on classical music with lyrics such as “I’m gonna fight the boredom” and “don’t tell me to live a life that’s easy, I don’t know how”.

I’ve Pissed Off My Friends, meanwhile, drops deeply melodic riffs with a candid reflection on how Yu has angered friends, and Signs steps up the volatility a notch further to really lay down some angry riffs and a furious drum loop that’s totally in keeping with the anguished vocals.

And yet for all the fire and angst, Yu and company also know how to change tempo and display some sensitivity.

Album opener William, for instance, demonstrates a vulnerability that makes for an intriguing starting point, complete with haunting chorus, and slow-build approach, while Good Judgement is lush, moody and utterly beguiling.

The stripped down, acoustic My Left Eye, meanwhile, weaves in strings and a fragile set of vocals that offer the album’s most disarming surprise.

In short, this is brilliant stuff that shouldn’t be missed.

Download picks: Stand In Your Shoes, Boredom, I’ve Pissed Off My Friends, My Left Eye, From A Tower, Far From Home

Track listing:

  1. William
  2. From A Tower
  3. Crow’s Feet
  4. Signs
  5. I’ve Pissed Off My Friends
  6. Good Judgement
  7. Boredom
  8. My Left Eye
  9. Far From Home
  10. Stand In Your Shoes
  11. Everything Must Settle