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Lovvers - OCD Go Go Go Girls

Lovvers, OCD Go Go Go Girls

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

LOVVERS aren’t short on bravado. Announcing thier latest album, frontman Shaun Hencher declared: “There’s a wealth of American bands, it’s a good time, but when was the last time we championed our own? With bands like Shitty Limits, Hipshakes and, hopefully, us raising the stakes, surely it’s time for people to stop listening to what they’re told and make up their own minds. And when was the last time that happened? (If I remember correctly there was a baby on that cover as well!)”

Alas, OCD Go Go Go Girls fails to back up those claims with anything like the quality you’d expect from such a statment. Rather, it’s a ragtag collection of songs with super-charged, scuzzy energy that blur into one very quickly.

Hencher describes it as “an unconventional weird pop record”, as well as budget rock. And it does sound a lot of the time as though they recorded it in a basement or someone’s garage. The vocals are loud, wailing and unpolished, while the vocals are knowingly distorted. You’ll struggle to pick out many of the words.

Tonally, comparisons to Mark Sultan and Clorox Girls are clear… as are more wide-reaching inspirations such as The Clash and, yes, The Strokes. You may even get the sense that John Peel would have declared them a new favourite band had he still been alive.

But in our opinion, their songs don’t measure up to much… other than noise! Creepy Crawl may kick things off with a Clash-like punk rock surge, Ad Lib may open with Strokesian guitars, and OCD Go Go Girls does offer a kick-ass mix of drum rolls and cracking guitar loops that do exhilarate, but even the best moments have failings.

Vocally, Hencher needs to enunciate. His whine tends to grate. While the guitars may be the best thing about the album, but they do start to sound repetitive as well. There’s next to no variation, while the breakneck pace becomes tiring.

I’m all for bands with energy and raw talent, who prefer an old-school approach to some of the over-produced pap that passes as the mainstream. But I also like focus, clarity and diversity. Alas, Lovvers offers none of those. It’s a crushing disappointment and a noisy blur.

Download picks: OCD Go Go Girls, 100 Flowers

Track listing:

  1. Creepy Crawl
  2. Four Count
  3. Ad Lib
  4. OCD Go Go Girls
  5. I Want To (Go)
  6. 100 Flowers
  7. Golden Bars Blue
  8. Axtxtxixtxuxde
  9. Alone With A Girl
  10. Human Hair
  11. D.Boon
  12. Wild Smiles