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Lucy Spraggan - We Are (Review)

Lucy Spraggan, We Are

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

THE third album from singer-songwriter Lucy Spraggan, We Are, could just be her best collection of work yet.

A collection of 12 tracks comprised of sincere ballads and inspiring folk-tinged pop songs told in Lucy’s direct storytelling style about everyday life, this also marks a personal journey for the artist that chronicles the ups and downs of her career to date – whether appearing on The X Factor, moving to London, working hard and changing as a person.

“In some ways writing this record has been a bit of documentation for me and some of the songs are pretty revealing but I’m looking forward to sharing them,” she adds.

In truth, the album is definitely at its most appealing when delivering the folk-tinged pop songs. And never more so than during former single (and IndieLondon favourite) Unsinkable, which boasts a vast and captivating choir-backed chorus. An anthemic offering, the chorus is particularly chant-worthy, proclaiming “we are unsinkable” and empowering every step of the way.

Similarly upbeat, vibrant and sing-along is London Bound, which rattles along with some fine melodies and some piercing observations on the highs and lows of moving to London (and surviving there), while The Postman is a bittersweet romantic tale about a long-distance relationship between a soldier, his lover and the postman who keeps them together by delivering the letters of love and battlefield woe. It’s warmly delivered yet achingly poignant.

I Don’t Know, another favourite, even adopts a cheeky style of delivery that reminded me of artists like Lily Allen and Just Jack, albeit wrapped in a more folk-pop vibe. It’s effortlessly catchy, as is Broken Bones despite its more laidback vibe and darker lyrical tone.

Evidence of Spraggan’s balladry prowess is to be found on the piano-soaked likes of Uninspired (which has a soundtrack vibe) and Until I’ve Lived My Life, which nevertheless retains a breezy acoustic folk-pop vibe. But neither of those tracks recapture the excitement of listening to Spraggan at her upbeat best.

That being said, We Are remains a really great listen and one that’s effortlessly easy to warm to.

Download picks: Unsinkable, London Bound, The Postman, I Don’t Know, IOU

Track listing:

  1. 23
  2. London Bound
  3. Unsinkable
  4. In This Church
  5. The Postman
  6. I Don’t Know
  7. Broken Bones
  8. IOU
  9. Coming Down
  10. Until I’ve Lived My Life
  11. Uninspired
  12. Papercuts