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Man Raze - Surreal

Man Raze, Surreal

Review by Hedley Jackson

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

MAN Raze are an alternative rock three-piece from England containing Phil Collen from Def Leppard and Paul Cook, The Sex Pistols drummer.

Their sound is nothing like these classics’, being far more rounded. Man Raze are rougher than Leppard and smoother than The Pistols, creating a surprisingly fresh sound.

Surreal focuses mainly on a rock-pop style but delves into more angular metal, thrashing punk and even a bit of reggae. This Is is an aggressive nod in the Pistols direction, with a frenetic pace and angry energy.

The talented musicians vary their sound well and the tight production of the bassist, Simon Laffy, only helps to bulk up decent songs. Fans of the older bands will appreciate elements of Surreal, such as Collen’s guitar tone in Spinning Out and Cook’s drumming on This Is, but Man Raze is essentially an entirely new beast; sounding more like The Police than anything else.

It’s Entertainment’s analysis of modern media to a poor melody brings to mind the cringe reflex experienced when hearing Queen and Paul Rodger’s C-lebrity.

Surreal contains few good songs, some are okay, but the others aren’t. The musicians have matured from their old bands, but only as far as nineties rock-pop.

Their music is repetitive and not as edgy as one would expect. There’s a lack of anger or emotion in the music that’s quite depressing. Perhaps the three men, with a combined age of 153, have calmed with age.

Man Raze have ability technically, but Surreal is a poor return to music for them. Their rock has not progressed to match the strength that modern bands deliver – it’s tired and weak, sounding immature, not experienced and weathered by the music industry as many would want from it.

I don’t doubt that fans of the band members’ older projects will listen to Man Raze, I’ll be surprised if they like it… although loyalty is a funny thing.

Download picks: Runnin’ Me Up

Track Listing:

  1. This Is
  2. Turn It Up
  3. Runnin’ Me Up
  4. Every Second of Every Day
  5. Spinning Out
  6. Can’t Find My Own Way
  7. Skin Crawl
  8. Low
  9. Connected To You
  10. Halo
  11. It’s Entertainment
  12. Shadow Man