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Mascott - Art Project

Mascott, Art Project

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

NEW York singer-songwriter Kendall Jane Meade – aka Mascott – is both a musician and an artist – although if you were to ask her which she prefers, she may struggle to decide.

The one career helps her to sustain the other. But while I’ve yet to see an example of her artistry, as a musician she crafts beautiful music. Her latest album, the aptly-titled Art Project, is an enchanting collection of songs that showcase a songwriter unhindered by expectation, pressure or obligation

An indie-pop effort with folksy tendencies, as well as California sunshine pop, the LP effortlessly manages to combine the enigmatic ’60s pop of cult favorite Margo Guryan with the mellow, modern pop of Camera Obscura.

It provides a charming showcase of her honeyed vocals, while delivering wistful commentaries on life and, above all, love – whether it’s finding it (as in Press Play), holding onto it (Live Again, Opposite), reigniting it (4th of July), and, finally, losing it (Like Letting Go Of The Sun, Nite Owl, Wildwood Flower).

Commenting on the inspirations behind it, Kendall explains: “In my day-to-day life I feel the need for restraint… with these songs, I say what I want to say, create the melodies and guitar parts that are natural for me, and I don’t worry about the outcome.”

Listeners won’t worry either. There’s a carefree abandon that accompanies listening to much of the album. Admittedly, a lot of the tracks wouldn’t sound out of place on the soundtracks to shows such as Grey’s Anatomy (where some have already featured) and Beverley Hills 90210… but that’s not a bad thing, either.

4th of July is breezy and beautiful, Red Flowers intimate and achingly romantic, Live Again happy and “la la la la la” laden, Opposite shimmering and hopeful, and Dream Another Day soul-nourishing in a defiantly upbeat kind of way.

Indeed, there’s barely a dud song on the album, with breezy bonus track Oh Pehhy ushering the LP to a close in supremely engaging fashion and making you want to hear it all over again. And at a tidy 25 minutes, that’s not a big ask. You’ll want to hear more from her…

Download picks: Live Again, 4th of July, Dream Another Day, Oh Peggy

Track listing:

  1. Live Again
  2. 4th Of July
  3. Press Play (And Then Repeat)
  4. Red Flowers
  5. Opposite
  6. Dream Another Day
  7. Like Letting Go Of The Sun
  8. Night Owl
  9. Wildwood Flower
  10. Oh Peggy!