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Matthewdavid - Outmind

Matthewdavid, Outmind

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

MATTHEWDAVID is an artist who has slowly been developing a reputation for blending dub-step, hip-hop and electronic music with deconstructed samples and lo-fi ambience on the LA scene.

But his first full length album Outmind remains an acquired taste… and one that never really gets going.

Described as inhabiting a space somewhere within the peeled back layer of smog from the LA sky, it’s a curious mix of instrumentals and samples that only rarely catches fire.

Tracks lean more towards the ambient and sometimes cinematic, yet their flow is often interrupted by the dub-step elements, or spliced beats that Matthewdavid employs.

The artist seems to be caught between two minds on occasion, thereby depriving his album of a smooth flow.

Hence, while moments such as Noche Y Dia/San Raphael have merit, others such as Like You Mean It struggle to resonate. The decision to keep stop-starting the beats, or warp the electronics and samples slowly becomes infuriating.

Some of the best moments are therefore the most fleeting – Los Angeles Is Beautiful, Epic Swan and Group Tea emerging as prime examples of ambience that genuinely soothes and inspires, while only lasting for about a minute and a half.

But as Matthewdavid becomes more ambitious or playful, so the LP loses its appeal and drifts into the abstract.

Track listing:

  1. Los Angeles Is Beautiful
  2. Noche Y Dia/San Raphael
  3. Prayers At Bedtime
  4. International
  5. Group Tea
  6. Like You Mean It
  7. Epic Swan
  8. Floor Music
  9. Cucumber-Lime
  10. Today, Same Way
  11. Being Without You
  12. No Need To Worry/Mean Too Much (Suite)