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McFly - Greatest Hits

McFly, Greatest Hits

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 1 out of 5

HOW the f**k can McFly have a greatest hits album? They still seem barely out of school uniforms, they’ve yet to release a really good record and, well, the concept escapes me. It’s the same as Victoria Beckham writing a biography, or Wayne Rooney or Christian Ronaldo. Surely, it’s too early!!!

Nevertheless, McFly have delivered their first Greatest Hits collection – 13 songs that are designed to remind fans what a great career they’ve had.

A quick look at the McFly CV does make for interesting reading, though – and surprising too. In the three and a half years since McFly released their debut single Five Colours In Her Hair, the band have enjoyed soaraway success, achieving seven No.1 singles and two No.1 albums.

Frontman Tom Fletcher recently made chart history when McFly’s last single topped the chart, making his tenth No.1 in the British Hit Singles Chart, and meaning he’s now written more No.1 hits than U2, Queen and Robbie Williams (all before the age of 21). This includes three hits that he co-wrote for the band Busted. I guess there’s no accounting for taste.

Needless to say, all the McFly hits are present and correct, from that debut single to recent offering The Heart Never Lies, the band’s first contemporary rock ballad.

Admittedly, there’s a certain cocksure catchiness about breezy pop hits such as All About You and That Girl, while latter tracks such as Transylvania are designed to show how the band has matured in a short space of time, drawing on a wider range of influences and expanding their sound.

But there’s just a nagging sense that they’re playing the mainstream game rather than really offering anything inventive or different – and their sound becomes repetitive and bland.

The Greatest Hits album comes in two formats: CD1 is a standard disc featuring McFly’s seven No.1s, plus three new tracks in the form of The Heart Never Lies, The Way You Make Me Feel and Don’t Wake Me Up, while CD2 offers a deluxe version of the album featuring every single ever released by the band plus the new songs listed previously.

A Greatest Hits DVD will also feature all of McFly’s videos to date, exclusive backstage footage of the band which has been filmed over the years, plus a live show that will be filmed on the first night of the forthcoming tour (the DVD is out on December 3).

Die-hard fans who vote for them at Smash Hits Poll Winners Parties and Nickleodeon Kids’ Choice Awards bashes will flock to the LPs and turn them into Christmas best-sellers (and probably another No.1), but really there’s no escaping the fact that they’ve got a long way to go before they can really describe their music as being worthy of a Greatest Hits collection.

Track listing:

  1. Five Colours In Her Hair
  2. All About You
  3. Star Girl
  4. Obviously
  5. The Heart Never Lies
  6. Please, Please
  7. Room On The 3rd Floor
  8. Don’t Stop Me Now
  9. I’ll Be OK
  10. That Girl
  11. Baby’s Coming Back
  12. Transylvania
  13. The Way You Make Me Feel
  14. Don’t Wake Me Up

  1. I disagree, Mcfly are ace, I love their music and they work really hard. I think that they deserve all the success.

    rosie    Nov 5    #
  2. I agree with Rosie, well done McFly!

    Ashlee    Nov 8    #
  3. McFly work really hard and their sound is brill. The DESERVE all the number 1’s they’ve had and more! They’ve really grown up in the last 3 1/2 – 4 years and so has their sound. Rock on Dudes and keep writing these scortchers!

    Carys Pie    Nov 8    #
  4. McFly are without a doubt the best pop band out there at the moment, theyre four of the most talented lads on the planet, and they're the only band to come close to the success of The Beatles…...well done lads - long may it continue x

    keith    Nov 10    #
  5. Well in, mcfly ARE ‘without a doubt the best pop band out there are the moment…’

    CHLOE    Nov 12    #
  6. I totally disagree with that review. mcfly are amazing and the fact that they have enough no1’s to fill a greatest hits album in such a short space of time is also amazing. They are undoubtedly the best pop band in Britain atm, and they are definitely not rubbish – count the no1’s.

    alison    Nov 13    #