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Meital - The IndieLondon interview


Interview by Rob Carnevale

ACTRESS turned singer Meital talks about the inspiration behind her new song Give Us Back Love, why she likes the UK music scene and why she loves dance music.

She also talks about her passion for acting, her journey from Israel to the US, overcoming shyness and why she adores her fans.

Q. So, tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind new single Give Us Back Love?
Meital: I think with the modern world, we’re all seeing so many advances in technology but at the same time, there’s a lack of communication and just basically love. We need more mutual respect for one another. So, Give Us Back Love is a prayer for the return of love to the universe.

Q. Does the fact that people are more isolated now worry you?
Meital: I don’t know if it’s worrying. I’m not someone who carries the world on their shoulders [laughs]. But it is something we’re all experiencing. I think there is some positive stuff that’s happening in general. But it can also be sad if you take a look at how capitalistic the world can be and how many people are still in couples as opposed to how many people are growing apart.

Q. You’ve just started to gain a foothold in the European and UK music scene. What do you like about the UK in particular?
Meital: Well, there are tonnes of bands that I love and admire coming from the UK. I like Portishead, Massive Attack, Coldplay and Radiohead. And that’s just the beginning of the list. I could easily go on. I just kind of feel that the UK has always been good at breaking unrecognised musc and artists before they break internationally. I think you have good ears [laughs].

Q. So, with that kind of musical love what made you opt for dance as your medium of choice?
Meital: Well, the album [I’m In Hate With Love] is going to be compiled with different kinds of electro pop songs. I just think that’s where it’s at right now and where we’re heading. I hope people enjoy it and get empoweredby it. I would be really happy if people can dance to my music or listen to it when chilling out or driving their cars.

Q. What do you think about comparisons to Lady Gaga?
Meital: I’m happy to hear people react well to what I do. The music scene has really been embracing me in that sense. So, I’m thankful and honoured by comparisons to Lady Gaga, as well as with other geat artrists. They are good comparisons!

Q. How easy was it to make the transition from Israel to the US?
Meital: Well, Israel is a very small country and people are very close to one another. So, coming from an Israeli or Middle Eastern, or even European culture and moving to America, which is the core of capitalism, is interesting. In America, people are still living the dream, or at least chasing the ‘American Dream’, while in Europe it’s much more about people living in the present. So, there were significant changes.


Q. What is it like returning to Israel for you now that you are a superstar (is it harder to go unrecognised there than it is in other parts of the world, say America for instance)?
Meital: Israel is my home and I will always feel part of the culture and part of the country. Working so much in theatre, film, and TV really got me close to the Israeli audience and going back there is like going home.

Q. I read that you were shy when you were younger. How did you overcome that?
Meital: I was shy many years ago [smiles]. When I was a child of 14, before I started acting. But then once I started acting professionally, when I was 17, I overcome the shyness and started to shine. Acting was my passion, so I had to overcome that shyness if I was going to succeed. And it provided me with the confidence to be able to do that.

Q. Have you turned your back on acting while you concentrate on music?
Meital: No, I’ll continue to act. I have some movies and TV series projects coming…

Q. Which do you prefer: acting or singing?
Meital: Well, I kind of see myself as an actor first and singing is a new adventure that I’m currently exploring. But I don’t take any of the showbiz stuff too seriously. If a higher power wants me to be a singer now, that’s fine. But if I’m destined to be a fisherwoman, I will make the switch [laughs].

Q. You also support a lot of humanitarian causes…
Meital: I always hope that my art has some message and I support a lot of causes. One of those is the Sheba hospital in Israel that provides a lot of services for all Israeli and non-Israeli citizens without any distinction between religion or race. So, I’m always trying to support different causes and trying to do good.

Q. Getting back to the music, who else would you like to collaborate with?
Meital: The list is long. I would’ve loved to make a duet with Elvis, but I guess that’s too late. Second on my list is Eminem, because they look almost the same!

Q. How do you view your fans and how important is fan interaction via social media?
Meital: I love my fans and the social media is great way to interact with them. I call them Shrak and they call me Shrak back. Its important because I know what they come to expect of me and it pushes me to do my best for them.

Give Us Back Love is available now.