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MGMT announce new album Congratulations and free Mp3

MGMT, Orange Spectacular

Story by Jack Foley

MGMT have announced they will be releasing their new album Congratulations in the UK on Monday, April 12.

As the first teaser from the new album the band are giving away a free Mp3 of new track Flash Delirium from their website.

One of 2010’s most eagerly anticipated new releases, Congratulations is the successor to MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular, their acclaimed 2008 debut.

The album is a collection of nine individual songs sequenced to flow with sonic and thematic coherence: The track listing is…

It’s Working
Song for Dan Treacy
Someone’s Missing
Flash Delirium
I Found a Whistle
Siberian Breaks
Brian Eno
Lady Dada’s Nightmare

Produced by MGMT and Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3, E.A.R., Spectrum), Congratulations was recorded throughout 2009 in upstate New York, Malibu, and Brooklyn and features Andrew Vanwyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, MGMT’s core duo, performing with Matt Asti (bass, backing vocals), Will Berman (drums, backing vocals), and James Richardson (guitar, backing vocals), the band’s live line-up.

Congratulations also offered MGMT the opportunity to work with a couple of their musical idols and influences including album co-producer Sonic Boom (Pete Kember) and Royal Trux front-woman Jennifer Herrema, who contributed guest vocals.

“We’ve been lucky enough to meet and work with some of our all-time musical heroes,” Andrew says. “It’s so great to be around such amazing and unusual musical minds.”

Ben and Andrew first met the mythic Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3, E.A.R., Spectrum) at a Spectrum show in London in February 2009 and wound up onstage jamming with the band on Suicide, a vintage Spacemen 3 track paying homage to another light in MGMT’s musical pantheon.