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Miss 600 - Buying Time (Review)

Miss 600, Buying Time

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

JAZZ pop duo Miss 600 – aka singer-songwriter Hannah Garner and multi-instrumentalist David Amar – deliver their debut album, Buying Time, and generally endear.

An easygoing listen of breezy jazz-pop and more soulful ballads, three of the songs have already been taken to heart by Radio 2 listeners where Twist, their debut single, spent seven weeks on the A list.

Needless to say, Twist is one of the higlights, a slick, toe-tapping fusion of jazz and pop that’s built around the type of trip-hop beats and serene vocals that would make Morcheeba proud, and embellished by some jazzy brass. It’s a fun listen.

Another former single, Typically Me, has a playful, sexy vibe and finger-clicking beats. Garner positively purrs over the lyrics in a classic style befitting the best jazz divas of yesteryear.

But there’s more to enjoy in album opener Missing You, which is more of a straight-forward pop moment, built around some seemingly melancholy piano chords and a sense of sorrow befitting a break-up. Listen closer, however, and there’s a defiant streak about it, too, especially when Garner sings “I’m not really missing you the way you think that I should do”.

Elsewhere, there’s a swinging vibe to the piano-charged Dance With You, which almost effortlessly invites listeners to accept Garner’s offer. A she-boo harmony adds to the retro vibe surrounding the song, as well as the sing-along fun. It’s alive with old school energy.

The album is only really less successful when coming over more contemporary and pop. Songs like Make Or Break, More To Learn and Money Can’t Buy are among those that struggle to register as strongly as the album’s best moments.

But there’s almost always something bright waiting in the wings to make up for any lulls. Is This Love?, for instance, is built around a sample of Ennio Morricone’s score to the 1977 film Il Gatto and is a mid-tempo track to treasure (complete with cinematic qualities).

While the bluesy piano ballad Be Careful Where You Leave Your Heart and darker, reflective final track The Devil Looks Out For His Own ensure things end with a touch of class.

Download picks: Missing You, Hello, Dance With You, Twist, Is This Love?, The Devil Looks Out For His Own

Track listing:

  1. Missing You
  2. More To Learn
  3. Typically Me
  4. Kick Off Your Shoes
  5. Twist
  6. Dance With You
  7. Make Or Break
  8. Money Can’t Buy
  9. Hello
  10. Is This Love?
  11. Buying Time
  12. Outta My Head feat. Sonna Rele
  13. Be Careful Where You Leave Your Heart
  14. The Devil Looks Out For His Own