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Missy Elliott - Respect M.E.

Missy Elliott, Respect M.E.

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

MISSY Elliott is one of the most prominent female artists in hip-hop – not to mention contemporary music as a whole.

Her contribution to the industry continues to inspire many artists across several genres, such is her determination to keep things fresh on every new album.

While her fearless attitude and sassy approach have placed her at the forefront of a genre that is dominated by ego and the ability to boast.

At heart, however, Missy Elliott remains a shy girl from Portsmouth, VA, who survived a childhood of domestic abuse.

Her albums thus far have all been memorable in some way – from 1997’s breakthrough Supa Dupa Fly through to 2005’s Cookbook, via 1999’s Da Real World, which first introduced an unknown Eminem, 2001’s Miss E. So Addictive 2002’s Under Construction’ and 2003’s This Is Not A Test.

It is little wonder, then, to find that the time has come for Missy Elliott to put together a retrospective/best of collection, confidently titled Respect M.E.

All the landmark records are present and correct, from Get Ur Freak On to Pass That Dutch, as well as some classics from earlier records that may have become lost amid the greater successes.

What is consistent, however, is Missy’s ability to drop some telling R’n’B flavoured grooves with a distinctly confident set of vocals.

Even on earlier efforts, such as The Rain and All In My Grill, which follow more formulaic R’n’B/hip-hop conventions, the singer’s vocals reign supreme and provide early evidence of how she would become a major force in the industry.

Since Supa Dupa Fly, however, Missy Elliott hasn’t looked back – she has sold well over 10 million albums world-wide and even has her own clothing line, RESPECT ME, which came about as a result of her collaboration with Adidas.

She also remains one of the coolest customers on the scene while several of her records possess a quality that is truly timeless.

This 17-track retrospective offers the perfect opportunity to own the best that Missy Elliott has to offer on one CD – not to mention the chance to catch up on what you may have been missing out on.

Track listing:

  1. Get Ur Freak On
  2. Lose Control
  3. 4 My People [Basement Jaxx Remix]
  4. We Run This
  5. Work It
  6. Gossip Folks
  7. One Minute Man
  8. I’m Really Hot
  9. Pass That Dutch
  10. Beep Me 911
  11. The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)
  12. All In My Grill
  13. Hit Em Wit Da Hee
  14. Hot Boys
  15. Sock It To Me
  16. She’s A Bitch
  17. Teary Eyed